Disappeared after the defeat of Joshua. Return whether Andy Ruiz to a championship level

Story Andy Ruiz is one of the main in 2019. To accept the duel against the champion on short notice, a month to reach combat readiness, then go and deal with an absolute favorite.

The defeat in the rematch was expected, at least this time Andy was not such an outsider, but such a failure is unlikely anyone expected. At that time, as Joshua was dried Ruiz scored a few extra pounds. It was too small, lacked and was successful only at close range, where he met with a rival is very rare.

And then just disappeared.

What happened after the rematch with Joshua?

Andy in the second match was the worst version of yourself. At the time, as it was necessary to lose weight, to gain momentum and get in better shape, Ruiz stopped preparing. According to the coach, the Mexican breaking bad, is inherent in the people who committed this upset. Big money suddenly appeared friends, new cars and hangouts. And the hall so far as.

The fight eventually happened exactly as I should have in this situation. Anthony was spinning around the opponent, shooting from a distance working the jab and right hand in conjunction with the left side. Ruiz called to fight, but it was only fun, not more. Of course, the show we received, but the tactics of Joshua can understand – why look for trouble, if you can do it carefully, focused and take the belt back. And the compliance plan for the fight, so, discipline is one of the main qualities of a champion. Because of her absence, Andy was helpless in revenge.

Boxing Scene

Near to which from time to time came Joshua, Ruiz was still good. He lacked sharpness, even when compared to the previous fight, but Anthony clearly felt the hit and didn’t want to go back to where the body of Mexican close and the fists will fly right on target. Therefore, the thinner the Briton circling around Andy, and he only slowly moved his feet, urging opponents to fight movements of the hands. Lose no chance and lost the belt, along with the trust of the fans.

Revenge has put everything in its place: Joshua once again talked about the unification with Wilder and fury, as well as protection zones, and Ruiz are gone. Just as in fights before, but the only difference is that now Andy was completely different. Not as a man who had to defeat Joseph Parker, but the judges somehow decided otherwise. But as a person who had everything, from love of the fans to the zones, and who all voluntarily gave.

Of course, the Mexican had time. To think things through, to put in order communication, to deal with those with whom he wants to work, and what – not. So a few months from Andy, there was no news. Basically saying his coach. He said that Ruiz is not responding to his calls and messages, and does not come into the hall. It turned out later that the former champion has decided to stop working with a coach, trying to change everything.

When Ruiz comes back?

Originally, Andy was going to cooperate with then-coach Alexander Carnation Teddy Atlas. But the main motivator of modern Boxing made in his typical fashion, saying that he first needs to meet with a fighter, to spend the day, socialize and then have to decide whether it is the heart of Ruiz, and of course, Atlas.

Teddy spread about it a few days, but, apparently, the collaboration with the Mexican didn’t come. What prevented actually – is not clear. Perhaps Teddy felt that will not have time to work with the Stud, Ruiz and spending time with family. Perhaps I took Andy to the point. The fact that the former champion continued to look for a coach.

The next choice fell on Eddie by the Reynoso – coach, which they say is unfairly low. It works with Saulem Alvarez and immediately identified: willing to work with Ruiz only in the case, if he will work one hundred percent. The coach working with money, obviously talented and very hardworking Mexican, will not be able to work with the Joker.

Boxing Scene

Andy came to Sulu to the gym, talked and worked with a trainer, and they agreed. Now, Ruiz recognized as a tough coach who will demand much of you, but which you can’t just lie on the couch. All due to the fact that by the Reynoso will simply cease to train and have to exist independently. But as practice shows, this leads to broken eyebrows and a sad defeat.

Rivals to return several. The first was Chris Arreola. Yes, the same one who beat Vitali Klitschko, inflicting the first defeat of his career. Then Chris was to become the first Mexican world heavyweight. In the end, it was Andy Ruiz.

A fight against Arreola is an interesting idea how to return. Of course, Chris has long been not the same. He has six losses (3 of them ahead of time), he was 39 years old and the peak is already long gone. But stylistically this fight will be interesting just due to the fact that guys don’t know how to work bored and Jeb. Cutting and probably an early victory Andy, with the proper approach to the case secured.

In addition to Arreola, volunteered to fight Manuel Charr. He’s still the world champion under version WBA, although the ring not seen him for two years. The Charr said he wants to first fight Ruiz, then go for the head fury. This place can laugh with you. The chances of Manuel, even against just ready Andy now not so much. On fury, let’s just forget.

There are prospects to take the belt?

Despite that defeat and quite long at the moment, simple, Andy is in the top 5 of each version. To be absolutely accurate, anywhere from WBC to IBF, Andy the fifth room. It is very close to a title chance. Two or three games maximum. But in the case of the Mexican, possibly a little more, once the opponent to return a really high level and is not considered.

At the moment, to talk about trying to take the title of Ruiz even say no. First return, and then, if successful, smoothly join the rhythm, lose those extra pounds until adequate numbers and then hike on. And the problem is not only Andy. In supertech many contenders for the belt and for him there is now no place.

fightnews.info. Andy Ruiz

Fury needs to meet with Wilder, and the winner of their couples to go against Dillian white, which has definitely waited for his chance, once the President declares a mandatory WBC defense. To Joshua and all turn. Pulev, Mustache, the same fury of understanding which they have stated. Anthony is not up to a showdown with an old acquaintance. Although the trilogy the Briton is still mentioned.

Now the only sure way for Ruiz to reach the title is to go back and move the rating up, becoming the mandatory Challenger. He was only thirty, a good age for a boxer and heavyweight especially. There is a time and solve the problem and get the rating up just by the time when the Champions will decide who is stronger.

If Andy does not give up and will continue to evolve as a fighter, we’ll see him in the title match two years later.

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