Dinamo Brest – Shakhter Soligorsk – 0:1. LIVE

Belarusian Vysshaya Liga. 6-th round.

Dinamo Brest – Shakhter Soligorsk – 0:1

Vitus (ed.) 25

Yuzepchuk, 21, Noyok, 33 – Antic, 33

Dinamo Brest: Pavlyuchenko – Veretilo, Pavlovets, Vitus Yuzepchuk – Noyok, Kislyak – Sawicki, Milevsky, Gordeychuk – Laptev.

Subs Not Used: Ignatovich, Shevchenko, Bulls, Lotus, Sadowski.

Shakhter Soligorsk: GUTOR – Antic, Of Hodarcevich, Sachivko, Vukmanic – Seca, Kendis Balanovich, Selyava I. – Lisakovich.

Spare Parts: Runners, Belov, Burke, Bulychev, Bodul Of Odense BK, The Centurions, Embolic, Podstrelov.

Referee: Vitaliy Soroka (Grodno, Belarus)

Stadium: The Sports Complex “Brest” (Brest, Belarus)

45 minutes the Referee allowed the teams to hold on to field at least one minute.

43 min. of lost Hodarcevich Laptev wrestling in the penalty area during a corner kick, but the striker failed to seize the moment, and struck the side of the left rod!

42 min Corner on the left flank managed to earn Laptev.

41 min. Milevsky intercepted a cross from rivals on the right flank after a corner.

41 min. TIME! Lisakovich, it would seem, fidgeted with the ball, however, suddenly fired a shot from distance under the right post! Saved Pavlyuchenko!

40 min. Milevsky could not connect partners to counterattack, which began Noyok, and successfully lost the ball while charging into the opponent’s half.

39 min the TIME! And swept the ball past the left rod after a shot Savitsky on the opposite side of the penalty area! No sooner had the partners!

37 min: a Corner on the right flank earned Milevsky, Kislyak has applied to the near. Defenders cleared the ball on the leg Vitus, but the defender rally turned out to be very inaccurate.

36 min. of the cross Nojoke at the far post tried to smuggle in the centre of the goalmouth is still the same gordeychuk, but even in striking the twine didn’t get to the ball.

35 min. gordeychuk earned a corner kick on the left wing not the most confident attempt dribbling.

 33 minutes Noyok wound up after his foul in midfield to counterattack opponents. Even though the immediately obtained yellow. Antic also failed to hold back the emotions and was also warned by the referee.

33 mins TIME! And immediately the second wave of attacks of the home team brought the ball to the left corner of the goalie for Lapteva, but GUTOR and then managed to beat the striker!

32 min. TIME! ABSOLUTELY DEAD SAVES FROM THE HUTAR! Laptev struck his head after a cross from the right flank by Yuzepchuk, the goalkeeper has reflected slightly to the side, and then another, and took the ball from the feet of the oncoming Gordeychuk!

30 min. TIME! During rapid-onset guests gate lost Pavlyuchenko! Lisakovich biting were beaten at the far post from the left half free-kick, but the ball went slightly in the wrong direction.

29 mins TIME! Brest came to the counter-attack through the right flank thanks to a long pass, Pavlyuchenko, but gordeychuk was not able to beat Hutar ball low from outside the penalty area.

28 min. Lisakovich not noticed Veretilo on the left flank of the penalty area, but his cross to the far post had only Pavlovets.

27 minutes TIME! Lisakovich again ran the ball away from goal, but his shot from the right half of the penalty area seriously risk to fail the capture the far top corner of the goal!

 25 min. GGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Antic’s shot from the left flank into the centre of the goalmouth, and Vitus poorly framed leg under pass against Ivanovic, which sent the ball into the net of his own team! An own goal!

24 mins MOMENT! Milevskiy saw the connection Gordeychuk on the right flank of the attack and gave a timely pass. The shot in touch of Michael had from the bottom right corner of the goal to get Actions.

22 min. Noyok exploded with emotion after the whistle for an alleged foul Ukrainians in midfield against Ivanovic.

22 min. While the angle was acute, but Lisakovich decided to take a shot. The above objective.

 21 min Yellow for Yuzepchuk for a foul on breaks on the left flank of the Antic.

20 min. is DANGEROUS! Antic fired from outside the penalty area following a pass from Ivanovic, but the rebound from the feet of Lisakovich sent the ball away from the right post.

19 min. Laptev struck a header after a cross from the corner flag on the right flank of Nayaka.

18 min. Timely tackle from Belanovica not allowed Yuzepchuk to break free on the right flank.

17 min. Milevsky dropped on Noica to the approach to the penalty area, but his shot Alexander was blocked by a defender. Corner from the right flank aggravation not marked.

16 min. antic and Balanovich made consecutive fouls against Yuzepchuk in the opponent’s half of the field.

16 min. Milevsky played the heel on the right flank in a positional attack, the ball was transferred to Kislyak, however, his canopy immediately to the far post proved too strong for Lapteva.

15 min. TIME! Lisakovich at the end of a cross from the right flank punched in touch from the center of the box! Pavlyuchenko only at the second attempt took the ball in his hands!

14 min. Laptev took the ball on his chest near the opposition penalty area, but from the second touch launched it high above the gates of inaccurate strong blow.

13 min. Milevsky pulled the t-shirt Sachivko in midfield. A free-kick.

11 min. But not just held the shirt antic your opponent!

10 min. is DANGEROUS! GUTOR has not got a good fist on the ball during the interception of the flow from the left flank, but Savitsky was not given to slot into the empty net.

9 min Yuzepchuk qualitatively otter from the ball in the right side of the area his team usravshiesia to the ball of Balanovich.

8 min High flow of Noica from the right flank to the far corner of the goal proved too strong for the oncoming Veretilo.

7 min. during the counterattack by the visitors, a shot from the middle distance struck Lisakovich. Again inaccurate.

7 min Intercepted Sachivko transmission low shot from the left side of Savitsky.

6 min Selyava tried unsuccessfully to open the defense of the opponents on the left flank pass from the Central zone.

5 min Noyok from the corner of the pitch inaccurately applied to the near post.

5 mins In the fight corps on the left flank of the attack against Sachivko Laptev earned a corner for his team.

4 minutes of Explosive dribbling Selyava in the left side of the penalty area ended with a shot into the Central area. Kiki was the first on the ball.

3 minutes of the First blow of the match caused Lisakovich. He beat Kiki at the entrance to the Central zone of the penalty area but sent the ball above the gate.

2 min. Transmission Yuzepchuk into the penalty area from the deep right flank was intercepted.

1 minutes of the Guests tried to start the game with a long transfer to the front line, but the defense of Brest was able to repel the first wave of attack on their goal.


On Saturday, the 25th April will take place the match of the sixth round of the Belarusian Highest League, in which Brest “Dinamo” will play against Salihorsk “Shakhtar”. The match will take place in Brest (Belarus), on the field of sport center “Brest”, beginning at 19:00.

The current champion of the country, which only continues to rally national championship in the current difficult times, definitely stalled at the very beginning of his career to the defense of the title. Of course, in the five games played until now tours the team of Sergei Kovalchuk couldn’t do much to keep up with the lead group, however, the density in the standings dropped the team from Brest in the bottom half of participants. The next match for the “blue-whites” will host against Salihorsk “Shakhtar”, which is under the leadership of Ukrainian coach Yuri Vernidub and behind their upcoming opponent by two points. Below the zone of departure.

Sport.ua will text broadcast of the match between Dinamo Brest and FC Shakhtar from Soligorsk.


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