Dinamo Brest – Isloch Minsk – 3:1. Text broadcast of the match

The Championship Of Belarus. The 4th round.

“Dinamo Brest” – “Isloch Minsk” – 3:1

Kiki Gabi (45+2), Artem Milevskiy (77), Pavel Savitsky (94, penalty) – Dmitry Komarovsky (39)

Sergei Kislyak (44), Gaby, Kiki (59) – Oleg Patotsky (16), Alexander Holodinsky (81)

“Dinamo Brest”: Sergei Ignatovich, Gabi, Kiki, Yevhen Khacheridi, Cyril Pechenin, Artem Bykov (Denis Laptev, 44), Sergey Kislyak, Alexander Noyok, Mikhail Gordeychuk, Roman Yuzepchuk, Artem Milevskiy (Evgeny Shevchenko, 84), Pavel Savitsky

Reserves: Paul Pavlyuchenko, Sergei Krivets, Maksim Vitus, Alexander Pavlovets, Evgeny Shevchenko, Vsevolod Sadovskiy.

“Isloch Minsk”: Egor Khatkevich, Alexei Yanushkevich (Alexander Papush, 83), Sergey Kontsevoy, Nicholas Janusz, Mr Komorowski, Sergey Karpovich, Paul The Fisherman, Godfrey Cue Stephen, Alexander Makas (Sandro Tsveiba, 78), Oleg Patotsky (Alexander Kolodynski, 78), Momo Yangsan

Stock: Vladislav Vasilechek, Alexander Papush, Alexander Holodinsky, Sandro Tsveiba, Eugene Krasnov, Igor Kuzmenok, Oluwaseun Gbolahan Adegbola

USC “Brest” (Brest, Belarus)



94 min. COOOLLL!!! 3:1!!! Sawicki calmly beat the Keeper with 11-meter mark!

93 min PENALTY! The ball hit the hand End in the penalty Isloch!

91 min Shot from Shevchenko.

90 mins the Referee added 3 minutes.

87 min. the Game is in the midfield.

84 mins Substitution at Dinamo Brest. Instead Milevskyy came on the pitch for Shevchenko.

 83 min Substitution at Isloch. Instead Yanushkevich took the field Papus.

81 mins Holodinsky roughly played against Kiki.

79 min Substitution at Dinamo Brest. Instead of Gordeychuk took the field Krivets.

78 min. Two substitutions at Isloch. Left the field of Makati and patotsky, came Holodinsky and Tsveiba.

77 min COOOOOLLL!!! 2:1!!! After a canopy with angular the ball darted into the penalty Isloch, after hitting his head Lapteva Khatkevich leaps to reach the ball, and Milevsky finished off the round ball into the net!

75 min. MOMENTSE! After a canopy with angular Kislyak struck his head and the ball hit the crossbar, and Kiki with the goal failed to get into the gate!

72 mins TIME! Gordeychuk intercepted the ball on half of field of Isloch, to the left burst into the penalty area and shot into the center at Laptev, after hitting the ball flew just wide of the post!

70 min After the discount Savitsky Noyok from afar punched far above the gate.

69 min. Komorowski struck free-kick – the ball clipped the wall and flew above the gate.

66 min Komorowski hung with a penalty kick, and the Dynamo defender cleared the ball.

64 mins DANGEROUS! Kislyak struck free-kick, and Khatkevich turned in a jump ball in the corner!

63 mins Kislyak hung from a corner, and Khatkevich fist knocked the ball.

59 min. Kiki played roughly in the center of the field.

57 minutes a Shot from Laptev.

55 min. Patikamu provide medical assistance.

52 min. of Makati in the distance fired wide.

51 min. a Shot from Yuzepchuk.

48 min. a Bad attack of Isloch.



45+2 min COOOLLL!!! 1:1!!! From a free kick beat Sawicki and the ball hit the crossbar. From the woodwork round the projectile bounced on the head of Kiki, which evened the score!

45+1 min Milevsky fell off the edge of the penalty Isloch. Promising free kick for the hosts.

44 mins Substitution at Dinamo Brest. Bykov is on the left Laptev.

44 mins Kislyak thwarted attack Isloch.

42 minutes the home team controlled the ball.

39 min. COOOLLL!!! 0:1!!! Komorowski from the penalty Dynamo with summer caught the ball and cannon shot drove round the ball into the net!

38 min. Bykov provide medical assistance.

37 min. Unsuccessful attack of Isloch.

34 mins Yansane was fouled in the penalty area Dynamo.

32 mins Kislyak too much hung from a corner.

29 min. Komarovsky with a long range shot wide.

28 min. At a low pace in the game.

26 min Failed attack Dynamo.

23 min. the Game is in the midfield.

20 min. of the Dynamo is owned territorial advantage.

18 min. Noyok shot from distance and the ball flew near the crossbar of Isloch!

16 min. patotsky fouled in midfield, and then decided to talk with the referee.

15 min. patotsky has a shot from distance under the crossbar – Ignatovich moved the ball to the corner!

13 min. TIME! Free-kick struck Noyok and the ball hit the post!!!

12 min Kislyak earned a promising free kick.

9 min. of Makati struck a low shot from outside the penalty area, and the crime in the fall moved the ball to the corner!

7 min. After the split transfer of the course gordeychuk could push the ball past the goalkeeper ran out to meet, but had not reached!

6 min Noyok hung from the right flank, but none of the Ukrainian partners has closed this program.

4 min Sawicki gave the pass to the penalty of Isloch into the path of Milevskiy, but Artem managed to keep the ball.

4 minutes of Makati sent the ball against the Dynamo, but the referee rightly signalled the offside.

2 minutes Milevsky effectively reversed with the ball in midfield, but a promising attack the hosts with a strike on goal not completed.



Sunday, 12th April, will take place the match of the fourth round of the Higher League of the championship of Belarus in which “Dinamo Brest” will accept “Isloch Minsk”. The match will take place on the field “Brestski”, beginning at 19:00 Kyiv time.

New championship Champions of Belarus began not the best way, scoring only four points in three matches. In the previous round, “blue-white” suddenly suffered a home defeat from “Slavia Mozyr” (1:2). And “Dinamo” held the first semi-final of the national Cup, in which they beat Soligorsk “Shakhtar” with the score 2:0. In the above-mentioned meeting in the composition of the Brest team debuted a Ukrainian defender Yevhen Khacheridi. Minsk “Isloch” in the opening rounds of the championship has two wins and suffered one defeat.

Sport.ua will text broadcast of the match “Dinamo Brest” – “Isloch Minsk”.


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