Dinamo Brest – FC BATE Borisov 1:3. LIVE

Belarusian Vysshaya Liga. 10-th round.

Dinamo Brest – FC BATE Borisov 1:3

Milevsky, 40 Dragoons, 31, Nekhaychik, 73, Milich, 81

Kislyak, 4, Noyok, 36, Pavlovets, 48, Sawicki, 53 – Filipenko, 38, Skavysh, 55

Dinamo Brest: Pavlyuchenko – Vitus, Pavlovets, Kiki, Yuzepchuk – Noyok, Kislyak – Sawicki, Milevsky (Bulls, 74), Gordeychuk (Krivets, 66) – Laptev.

Subs Not Used: Ignatovich, Shevchenko, Veretilo, Khacheridi, Pechenin, Sadowski.

BATE: Chichkan – nastych, Filipenko, Volkov, A. filipowicz – Dragoons, Yablonsky, Baga (Willumsen, 69) – Nekhaychik (milich, 77), Skavysh, Stasevich (Immortal, 84).

Subs Not Used: Kudryavets, Sherbitsky, Berezkin, Dubajic, J. Filipovic.

Referee: Alexey Kulbakov (Gomel, Belarus).

Stadium: The Sports Complex “Brest” (Brest, Belarus).

 84 mins SUBSTITUTION AT BATE. Immortal replaced Stasevich.

84 min Attempt from bulls to hit the wrong gate with a shot from the middle distance, as well as the partner before, without success.

82 min long shot from Noika sent the ball far away from the top right corner of goal.

 81 mins GGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH! Fresh Milic calmly walked away from defenders near the opposition penalty area, then shot it into the left corner, in protivohod goalkeeper!

79 min Kick Milicia from the left corner of the penalty area was blocked.

 77 min SUBSTITUTION AT BATE. Milich replaced Nekhaichik.

76 min. TIME! Pavlovets a shot over the crossbar after a corner from the left flank!

 74 mins SUBSTITUTION AT DINAMO BREST. ARTEM MILEVSKIY was replaced by Artem Bykov.

 73 min ГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГОООООООООООЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛ! And immediately came chastisement for Brest! Nekhaychik shot gate after the error Pavlyuchenko when the transfer of Nastica cross from the left flank free kick.

72 mins TIME! WELL, HOW IS IT?! Milevsky and Sawicki flew into an empty net after a cross from Krivets on the left flank, but first decided to beat Sawicki. SLIP EMPTY! Even in the post crashed.

 69 mins SUBSTITUTION AT BATE. Willumsen finish the game instead of a Bug.

68 mins TIME! Will Skavysh have managed to get out from under Kiki from the right corner of the goal! The ball went just wide of the near post!

66 min SUBSTITUTION AT DINAMO BREST. Krivets continue the game instead of Gordeychuk.

66 min still broke the rules Milevsky with a sliding tackle in the penalty area.

65 min. Blow Savitsky with a turn of the hull penalty area was blocked defender.

64 minutes 5 seconds out of game time Milevsky and Dragoons managed to knock of the ball, to make peace, and even to joke with each other.

63 mins a long shot from Nekhaichik was very inaccurate.

61 mins TIME! ROD! Dragoon miraculously won the top defenders after a cross from the left flank to the penalty mark, after the ball ricocheted from the lawn, went to the left woodwork!

60 minutes TIME! Yuzepchuk firing a shot outside of his foot into the near corner of the right half of the box. The ball went into the net from the outside!

58 min. it is a Pity that the Bug did not see a connection Nastica on the wing. His long-range shot was hasty, even brought a corner.

57 min. Kiki intercepted a dangerous cross from Filipovic from the right flank into the penalty area.

 55 min Skavysh not allowed Pavlyuchenko to quickly enter the ball into play. An unsportsmanlike foul.

54 min. TIME! Stasevich shot the lower left corner of the goal with a shot from close range, but the COP put his foot under the flying ball almost on the line.

 53 min. Sawicki roughly met Nagachika on the right flank of defense. To the gates of Brest are pretty far away, but the referee still gave the midfielder the card.

50 min. There is a hint of handball from Pavlovians inside the penalty area after a long range shot Stasevich. The referee missed an episode.

49 min. Milevsky bold tackle tried to catch hold of the pass on the left flank, but Filipenko didn’t give him a chance.

 48 min Yellow for Pavlovians for the failure of the attacks of the rivals a foul in his own half.

47 min. Milevsky failed to control the ball after lumbago from the left flank from Savitsky.




43 min. is DANGEROUS! Stasevich almost threw the collar Pavlyuchenko curled a cross from a free kick on the left wing!

42 min. Provoke Milevskyy scored the ball. Artem went into the selection of Stasevich in their half but they still managed to submit, though not exactly in the penalty area.

41 mins Yuzepchuk decided to break immediately after entering the operating room at the right corner of the penalty area. A hasty and unfortunate decision.


39 min Noyok decided to break with the penalty, even before the gate was under 40 meters. Inaccurate.

 38 min. Blatant handball from Filipenko left no other choice for the referee but to show yellow.

 37 min Caught Nona on a clever movement in midfield nastych. Warning midfielder from Ukraine.

36 mins played Confidently Chichkan at the exit to the front edge of the box.

34 mins Kislyak brutally demolished the opponent in the midfield. Yellow he already has.

34 min. By the way, Noyok failed custody Dragoon while conceding a goal.

33 min. Laptev, in the next attack of owners has punched from the left corner of the goal straight to the feet of the Gordeychuk. Have not figured out.

31 min. GGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Stasevich has found the head of his Dragoons when a corner from the right flank to the near post! Pavlyuchenko is late with the move!

30 min DANGEROUS! Insidious rebound after a long range volley from Yablonski and could send the ball into the net gate of the Brest! Aside from the goal was a round soccer ball!

30 min. TIME! Stasevich delivered a free-kick from the right flank, Filipenko struck his head, and Pavlyuchenko was again celebrated the salvation of their goal!

28 min. Cool game case by the mil on the half helped him to hide the ball from Yablonski.

26 min, Kiki brought the ball from the goalie out of bounds after a corner from the left flank.

23 min. TIME! A shot of Noica from outside the box after the interception in the opponent’s half! Next to the left post the ball jumped!

21 mins the TIME! Milevsky waved a foot past the ball after huge mistakes Chichkan in the game on entering the pitch from the left flank!

20 min. Laptev on the border of the penalty area on the left flank decided to sweep. Hit the defender – will be the corner.

19 min. Kiki was sent off the field efforts breaks down the right flank Filipovic. Not without fouling, of course.

17 min. Offside! Ahacic shot from the right corner of the goal after aggravating the transmission of Bugs, however, ran behind the line of defenders before this.

16 min. Filipovic did not have time in the fall to get to the ball in the far corner of the goalie after a cross from the left flank.

15 min After a battle with Nastica on the right flank, Yuzepchuk flew hand in Billboard. Offensive can be trauma.

14 min. TIME! Oh! How richly watered other people’s goal from an acute angle on the right flank Noyok! Brilliant reflex from Chichkan!

13 min. After a short active period, the Borisov team, BATE withdrew at the half.

10 min Laptev went with the ball in the penalty area, but it let him go from himself, resulting in easier opponents.

9 minutes TIME! Milevsky found the Gordeychuk pass to the left half of the penalty area, but the cross of Michael fell into the goalkeeper’s hands.

7 min Stasevich clocked Vitus on the left flank of the penalty area, but then it was robbed Milevsky.

6 mins TIME! There are saves from Pavlyuchenko after hitting Yablonski 30 metres out and under the crossbar!

4 minutes Kislyak played roughly in the center of the field against the Dragoons, attacking that from the back. Instant yellow from the referee.

2 minutes Nekhaychik and Dragoons are unable to cope with a corner on the right flank.

2 minutes Pass Yuzepchuk on the right flank ended with a canopy, which could not respond Laptev.

1 minutes the Hosts took the ball under control, even having already failed to go on the attack through the long ball.




On Wednesday, the 20th of may, will take place the match of the tenth round of the Belarusian Highest League, in which Brest “Dinamo” will play against BATE Borisov. The match will take place in Brest (Belarus), on the field of sport center “Brest”, beginning at 19:00.

Once the non-national champion again climbed to the leading position in the national championship, but the current owner of the main football trophy of Belarus still has to deal with the consequences of a poor start to the season. The first duel between “gold” and “silver” prize-winners of the last draw will take place on the “blue-white”, but the defeat in last round from “Energy-BSU” (1:2) brings to the process of preparation of a command Sergey Kovalchuk for the upcoming game in a negative context.

Sport.ua will text broadcast of the match between Dinamo Brest and BATE Borisov.


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