Dinamo Brest- Dinamo Minsk 1:1. LIVE

The Championship Of Belarus. 8-th round.

“Dinamo Brest” – “Dinamo” (Minsk) – 1:1

Brucic (5, own goal) – Danilo (24)

Veretilo (29), Bulls (43) – Klimovich (33)

“Dinamo-Brest”: Ignatovich, Yuzepchuk, Kiki, Pavlovets, Veretilo, Noyok, Bulls, Sawicki, Milevsky, Gordeychuk, Laptev.

Stock: Pavlyuchenko, Duarte, Vitus, Pechenin, Lotus, Shestyuk, Sadowski.

“Dynamo” (Minsk): Rudenok, Shitov, Gorodetsk, Ding, Likavka, Brucic, Klimovich, Rios, Olekhnovich, Danilo, Goats.

Stock: Shpakovskiy, Siskin, Shvetsov, Bahar, Pawlowski, Dawiskiba, Borodin, Khalimonchik, Lozhkin, Vergeichik.

USC “Brest” (Brest, Belarus)


43 min. the Bulls held Kozlova in midfield and thwarted the attack of Minsk.

41 mins Rios fouled on half of field of owners.

39 min gordeychuk right burst into the penalty area and shot at the Laptev – Rudenok time he intercepted it.

36 min the Game is in the midfield.

33 min. Klimovich roughly played against him in midfield.

31 min. Unsuccessful attack by the visitors.

29 min. Veretilo played roughly against Shikaki.

27 minutes TIME! Gordeychuk from the left penalty corner shot into the near corner, and Rudenok in the fall hit the ball!

24 min. COOOLLL!!! 1:1!!! Shitov brought Danilo one-on-one with the goalkeeper, and the Brazilian coolly converted your moment!

23 min. MOMENTSE! After a pass into the penalty area Milevsky took the ball and made a discount on the Laptev, which is the left corner of the penalty area not hit the far corner!

21 mins Yuzepchuk hung from the right flank, and Sawicki has struck near the pole!

20 min Noyok hung from a corner – the defender of citizens of Minsk knocked the ball.

16 min. Olekhnovich hung from a corner, but Minsk failed to break through on goal.

14 min Yuzepchuk made a dash down the right flank and shot into the goalkeeper’s hands.

13 min. the Game is in the center of the field in these minutes.

10 min. After the goal the hosts continued to hold the initiative.

8 min. of Bulls on the right burst into the penalty area residents and the crossbar.

5 min. GOOOOOOOAL!!! 1:0!!! Noyok filed from the right flank, and Brucic in the fight with Milevskiy cut the ball into his own net!

3 minutes of Gorodetsk was fouled in the penalty area of Brest.



On Sunday, the 10th of may, will take place the match of the eighth round of the Higher League of Belarus, where the “Dinamo-Brest” will host Dinamo Minsk. The match will take place at the stadium “Brestski”, beginning at 20:00 Kyiv time.

In the previous round, the Brest club ended their run of three defeats (two in championship and one in Cup), on the road defeated “Belshina” with the score 3:0. However, the reigning champion of Belarus suddenly goes to the bottom of the standings. The “Dinamo-Brest” just one point ahead of his nearest rival – Dinamo Minsk. A week ago the citizens of Minsk on the home field lost “Slutsk” with the score 1:2.

Sport.ua will text broadcast of the match “Dinamo-Brest” – “Dinamo” (Minsk).


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