Dinamo Brest at home lost to Shakhter Yuri Vernidub

Belarusian Highest League continues its a hoax despite all the warnings of the European football functionaries. Not from COVID-19, however, continues to decline current champion of the country at the start of the season. “Dinamo” Brest, advocated by several artists with a Ukrainian passport, has faced challenges after raising over the head of another trophy – the super Cup. Serhiy Kovalchuk inferior to their rivals twice in five previous rounds, why before the beginning of the reporting round and settled dangerously close to the relegation zone.

The sixth match for the “blue-white” in this season the national championship was game against Salihorsk “Shakhtar”. With a team of even one Ukrainian – Yuri Vernidub, the reigning Champions met for the third time in the last two months: in the match against Shakhtar was produced with the aforementioned super bowl, after which he was made the first step in the semi-finals of the national Cup (both games 2:0). These results, together with one produced prior to this season, a serious blow to the ambitions of the head coach of Shakhtar. The local press even had time to allocate to the specialist the next three games to rectify the situation. And the first of them took place in Brest.

Belarusian football often falls under the criticism of viewers about their lack, and the lack of scoring chances is debited to the density of the game in midfield. In the context of the first half of the meeting, this area acted solely as a spot for fouls by overly testy this evening Nojoke. And Alexander certainly had a reason for such a reaction. By the middle of the first 45 minutes of game “the Dynamo” has conceded in a row.

Shakhtar safely used a loss of concentration from the players right flank opponents, and one of the many crosses of the Antic ended the failed attempt of interception from Central defender Vitus, and then the ball went in the net Pavlyuchenko.

Enough chances for wagering unenviable backwardness was the hosts before the break, but GUTOR was replaced by a series of vague shots at intercepting crosses crazy rescue after strikes from close range from Laptev. Striker your team is actively trying to support Artem Milevskiy, but before leaving commands in podtribunnye premises account has not changed. A team of Vernydub has shifted the emphasis of their game on counterattacks, at the conclusion of which few have succeeded forward Lisakovich.

In the second half in the greater degree were held to half guests. The coaching staff of Shakhtar has instructed his players to fully withdraw into their half, leaving the edge of lone Lisakovich, which was assigned the task to catch hold of a random horse ball. And just in a similar style and was the second scoring attack of Caligari in this meeting. Defense of Brest did not resist the advancement of Ivanovich through the right flank of the penalty area. Followed by a cross in the Central area, where Lisakovich one-touch sent the ball into the net.

Part of the result of the game was to conclude. “Dynamo” has offered opponents a threat only a few standards in the performance of Noica, as well as worsening in the end of the meeting with the active participation of Laptev. However, the striker attempts an acrobatic techniques to complete one of the many from the flanks to success has not led. Hit the woodwork sample point tip attacks “blue-white” of the first half was repeated at the end of the match Pavlovets, when the blow to his head sent the ball into the crossbar. But even such efforts were not enough for the owners to change the account on the scoreboard. This defeat Brest questioned not only his ambitions for the title defense, but the situation before the return leg in the Cup of Belarus.

In the middle of next week the team will hold a return match in the semi-finals of the national Cup, after which, in the framework of the championship “Dynamo” will play on departure against “Belshina” and “miner” will accept on the home field “Isloch”.

Belarusian Vysshaya Liga. 6-th round.

Dinamo Brest – Shakhter Soligorsk – 0:2

Vitus (ed.) 25, Lisakovich, 67

Yuzepchuk, 21, Noyok, 33 – Antic, 33, Hodarcevich, 62, Sachivko, 75, Seca, 82, Selyava, 86, Bodul Of Odense BK, 90+2

Dinamo Brest: Pavlyuchenko – Veretilo, Pavlovets, Vitus (Bulls, 69), Yuzepchuk – Noyok, Kislyak – Sawicki (Shevchenko, 84), Milevsky, Gordeychuk (Krivets, 73) – Laptev.

Shakhter Soligorsk: GUTOR – Antic, Of Hodarcevich, Sachivko, Vukmanic – Seca, Kendis (Sotnikov, 85) Balanovich (Podstrelov, 90), Selyava I. – Lisakovich (Bodul Of Odense BK, 77).

Referee: Vitaliy Soroka (Grodno, Belarus)

Stadium: The Sports Complex “Brest” (Brest, Belarus)

Shots (on target): 25 (15) – 21 (11)
Angular: 12 – 4


Temperature: 10°C

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