Difficult decision: Kate Middleton and Prince William can send Prince George’s boarding school

Despite the fact that the pandemic coronavirus now the whole world was put on pause, Kate Middleton and Prince William are already seriously thinking about the future — in particular, on the further education of Prince George, which on 22 July will be 7 years. When he turns 8, he likely will go to study in a boarding school Ludgrove in Berkshire, which was also trained princes William and Harry.

However, while this decision is not final. According to Royal expert Ingrid Seward, the Dukes of Cambridge first as you should weigh all the “pros” and “cons”, and a decisive moment in this case is the desire of the George.

“I think they will wait a while to observe how their children are developing as individuals, and take into account their willingness or unwillingness to live away from home. Having experienced a terrible trauma in his childhood, William pays much attention to the mental health of their children,” commented the woman.

Well, sure that William and Kate will be able to make the best decision for their children!

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