Der Spiegel argues that XI Jinping asked the who to postpone the Declaration of a pandemic. In the organization called it a lie

China made to the world health organization (who) postponed on the global alert about the seriousness of the outbreak of coronavirus. This is with reference to sources in the intelligence of Germany announced on may 8 edition of Der Spiegel.

According to journalists, on January 21, Chinese President XI Jinping called the Secretary-General who Tedrow Adhanom Gebreyesus and asked to postpone the Declaration of a pandemic. Also, China’s leader, allegedly tried to hide information about transmission of the virus from person to person.

According to the German intelligence, China spent between four to six weeks trying to downplay the scale of the epidemic, which slowed the fight with her.

The press service of the who may 9 responded to the note Der Spiegel release in which it was arguedthat XI Jinping and Ghebreyesus never talked on the phone. The message of the German publication named false and untrue. In addition, on January 20, China formally confirmed the possibility of transmission of coronavirus from person to person.

“These inaccurate messages distract from the efforts of who and the world to end the pandemic COVID-19,” reads the release.

3 may Australian tabloid the Daily Telegraph has published a 15-page dossier, which among other things stated that the Chinese authorities learned about the possibility of transmission of coronavirus from person to person for at least a month earlier than advised by the world community. Beijing, the report says, has forbidden scientists to investigate a new disease, intimidated and persecuted those who dared speak against him, censored, removing from Internet search engines for the phrase “variation of SARS”, “the Wuhan market” and “Wuhan unknown pneumonia”.

On 15 April, the Associated Press reported that Beijing at least six days kept silent about the fact that the virus can be transmitted from person to person. According to some experts, this “paved the way for the pandemic COVID-19”.

The U.S. intelligence report, the contents of which became known to the Agency Bloomberg, said that China was hiding the extent of the outbreak of coronavirus, understating the number of cases and number of deaths.

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said in April that the Chinese authorities could be made aware of a new coronavirus in November 2019. The Chinese foreign Ministry denied this statement.

The President of the United States Donald trump 14 April announced the suspension of the who’s funding at the time of the audit, the effectiveness of the organization in combating the pandemic coronavirus. April 8, trump said that the who is “obsessed with China”.

March 11, 2020, the who announced the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. By data for may 11 throughout the world, the coronavirus has infected 4.12 million people. Died COVID-19 283 thousand people, recovered 1.42 million

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