Degrove Champions League and the League of Nations. UEFA will make a decision June 17,

The 17th of June on Executive Committee of UEFA should take at least two important decisions: how and where to play the Champions League and the Europa League this season, and the return matches teams.

Apparently, the option to play all the Champions League in the same city. Despite the rumors that it will be Madrid, it is reported that remains a favorite of Lisbon.

Including for the reason that the English left Portuguese teams. The same principle should determine where will be played the Europa League.

The Champions League final is scheduled for 23 August, and the decisive match of the Europa League needs to go through 21 August.

17 June, UEFA has to decide what to do with the matches of the national teams that in 2020, still did not play.

Netherlands coach Ronald Koeman said recently that he expects the return of the autumn games teams from the League of Nations. The national team of Ukraine in this tournament must play with Spain, Germany and Switzerland.

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