Dana WHITE: “Tony is not a man. It has withstood the blows Geydzhi”

UFC President Dana white spoke about the fight Tony Ferguson and Justin Geydzhi at UFC 249.

Geydzhi won an early victory in the fifth round and became the interim champion in the lightweight division.

“The fight was really great. I don’t want to underestimate the achievements of Geydzhi because he showed a great match, but I thought Tony played bad today. Tony was slow. Apparently, it was affected by two velogonki for the month, but I do not know, this was the case or not.

Anyway, Tony’s not a man. What’s his jaw! Nobody keeps hitting Geydzhi and Tony all stood. This is a very special guy, I love him.

I write that it was a terrible stoppage. But it’s crazy. I do believe that the battle can be stopped and early. Toni took serious damage. He missed a lot of punches from a guy who fucking hard effort from a guy with a heavy blow. Usually it just makes opponents when he gets these attacks.

Habib tweeted that it would be ready to fight to the end of the summer. In a week we’ll be back home, in the office, and we will investigate that further. Will try as soon as possible to arrange this fight,” said white.

Victory Geydzhi impressive. But in the battle with Habib will be different

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