CS:GO changed the map Dust2, have also improved the visibility of players

Valve released a patch for CS:GO, which has updated the main tournament card. One of the major innovations — change the position of the doors at the entrance to the point on Dust2. The developers have also improved the visibility of the silhouettes of the players, which added new video settings and changed the color of the clothes the agents.

The list of changes:

  • Updated some textures and colors in the clothing of agents, to make them easier to see. For example: facial mask, earmuffs, scarves, etc.
  • Added advanced setting of video Player Boost Contrast (raising the contrast of the player), which improves the visibility of the silhouette of the player in situations with low contrast. Enabled by default. The new settings you can change in menu: “Video” -> “Advanced video” -> “Player Boost Contrast”.
  • Adjusted the geometry of the collisions with the dropped C4.
  • Added the event of departure of a sleeve at the last shot of the Desert Eagle.
  • Conducted minor optimization to stream textures.
  • Updated the localization files for seven languages, including Ukrainian.
  • Card


  • changed the position of the doors at a point In the side of the foreign Ministry. Now they are open in the other direction;

  • window beside the ramp at the point A is raised higher, so they are not merged model passing by the player;
  • the start distance of the fog changed from 1000 to 512;
  • the maximum density of the fog changed from .2 to .4;
  • improved visibility of the background when viewing from the bottom of the tunnel in the side of the box on the MFA.


  • removed the ivy bushes near the bathrooms near the first point;
  • removed thin the Windows in the toilet rooms;
  • cleaned the bike for a picnic on the length side;
  • highlight connector in the tunnel;
  • highlight the location of the terrorists.
  • added new texture of the stone finish.


  • removed garbage heap in the upper part of the MFA;
  • modified form of bushes near the base of terrorists in the direction to the apartment;
  • highlight Windows on the market;
  • fixed bug with silent landing from the balcony on point B;
  • changed the angle of the stairs in the hallway.


  • modified form of bushes of ivy from the base of the special forces towards the arch at point A;
  • fixed the shadow of the tower at the foreign Ministry.


  • stairs to the sniper’s nest replaced the box;
  • added AIM-an arena for game one-on-one;
  • removed some invisible pixels and angles;
  • the updated model of the cargo containers to increase productivity;
  • improved visibility at the entrance to the terrorist base;
  • held a small colour correction of textures and overall performance of the card.

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