Crew Dragon prepares to land on the water, the first spacecraft since 1975

NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley taking part in the first mission of a private spacecraft Crew Dragon company SpaceX, announced that it is ready when you return to Earth to land on the water. They told about it to journalists on 7 July during a press-conference which was broadcast in the NASA account in YouTube.

The spacecraft undocked from the International space station scheduled for August. Crew Dragon will have to splash down in the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Florida.

According to Behnken, after about three weeks, the crew will get a full review of all procedures to be performed during the return flight.

The last water landing in the history of spaceflight dated 24 July 1975. The American ship “Apollo” after the completion of the joint Soviet mission villages in the ocean near the Hawaiian Islands.

“A water landing is a little familiar to our generation of astronauts. We have to try our best when provodnitsa, waiting for the SpaceX team will lift the capsule out of the water and get us out of the capsule. Doug. like all the astronauts are preparing to return home, focused on getting to this point to be in the best physical shape,” said Behnken.

Hurley added that Crew Dragon is a fully automated ship, but manual control is provided and the crew will be ready to intervene if necessary.

May 30, the Falcon 9 rocket launched into orbit the spacecraft Crew Dragon with two astronauts. May 31 Crew Dragon successfully docked to the International space station in automatic mode. Rocket and spacecraft designed and built by the company SpaceX Elon musk.

This is the first ever created by a private company the device, which arrived at the ISS. This launch, the U.S. resumed the program of manned flights, which were suspended in 2011, with the end of the space Shuttle program. From the time American astronauts flew into space on a Russian rocket “Soyuz”.

The exact date of the return of the astronauts depends on the weather conditions off the coast of Florida.

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