Creative progress or bust: the beloved Elon musk Grimes will sell at auction… a piece of his soul

Only in the network have died down a bit talk about the unusual name of newborn son Elon musk and Grimes, as a singer again surprised the audience. According to Bloomberg, the star opens his first art exhibition, where put up for sale drawings, photographs, prints, and… part of his soul. No, we’re not kidding: the buyer will receive an official document in the possession, drawn up by the lawyer Grimes.

“I didn’t mean that someone bought it, so at first put a price of $ 10 million. However, given the current situation in the world, how can you say this cost?” — said the singer. Based on these images, Grimes decided to give the most valuable lot to the one who will offer him more.

What I say: the good creative (and marketing) the process or too much?



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