Crazy run: fought with Wilder, attacked Mayweather and Tyson

Not all Internet trolls stop at threats and rudeness on the network. Some go to the next level: first, a mesh of athletes, and then come into the room to get. Charlie Zelenoff is a superhero in this case. His professional career ended as swiftly as it had begun, but then it was much more fun.

His first fight Charlie came against opponents with a record of 2-23-0. Andrew Hartley – the first opponent of Zelenoff – put him in the ring hell. Most of it was associated with the equipment and skills, but Charlie had enough. He surrendered before he could begin his professional career, and went into a self-defeating videoblogging.

Deontay Wilder and threats to daughter

Without thinking, Charlie decided that his way is the way of the warrior. Warrior who always miss a lot and hurt. He has long provoked on Twitter the worst puncher in recent years Deontay Wilder and got his way.

Zelenoff crossed the line, promising to seal the mouth of the daughter of the Wilder tape. Deontay freaked out. It is because of daughter born with rare disease, Wilder came to Boxing. For the sake of her every time he climbed into the ring. American scored meet Charlie on the phone, and he came. And not to apologize, but in order to fight with an opponent that bigger than him at times.

The final obvious. Charlie was a bit cruel, and not once during the evening. He’s not just missed beats and calmed down, and continued to provoke. Wilder always easily started, but the words just Zelenoff’d get mad. If not for the people around the boxer, who was stopped by Deontay, for Charlie would end sadder.

Fight with Wilder:

Floyd Mayweather and stab in the back

It would seem, that’s all: you have gained popularity, was tough and to the point a bit. It is time to stop. But no. Charlie took the fight to Floyd Mayweather. Older, of course. The youngest at the time was in the juice, and with a coefficient of useful action, like a younger, Zelenoff went to relax even faster than with Wilder. Yes, and wouldn’t admit it to “Cash”. But to stick to the 60-year-old man – the inheritance of an Internet Troll.

At some point Charlie realized that any of Meyvezerom at any age is good enough to nail him, smiling. But Zelenoff – not some wimp who surrenders, no. He found a way out – the wrong in this situation – and attacked Floyd from behind. A series of strikes from fellow students and Mayweather immediately followed.

Easy sparring, followed by beating

Apparently realizing that to run at once on professionals – not the best thing for your health, Charlie decided to change tactics. A little prepared. He was called to fight easy guys in gyms. Most of them had approximately a zero level of preparedness, but Charlie, you know, not Joe Frazier.

Plucking up courage, if I may say so, skills, Zelenoff was to record videos in which it is frankly weak opponents. Some even did not expect that in friendly sparring, as agreed in advance, can fly so quickly, sharply and without delay.

The main feature of Charlie is to offer easy sparring, and then start waving the hands for him with a maximum force with the number of discarded beats. Basically, the startled opponents are surprised and refuse to continue, but Zelenoff thinks he’s won. Of course, this does not remain without the answer.

First, one of the buffest guys were completely ready to swoop from Charlie, gone from the blows and caught him by the neck: “Hey, dude, what’s up? I just wanted sparring. My back…let go,” he heard from Zelenoff

Son of Mike Tyson and escape from the hall

Later, Charlie ran into the son of Mike Tyson. He was never a top fighter, but obviously trained better than the kids who came to raise small dumbbells at the gym. Here is all went according to plan Charlie:

– quick start;

– missed punches;

– escape and provocation.

Son of the legend endured for long. After a few series, he, like Wilder’s in the same hall a few years before that, lost his nerve. Charlie rolled around and the equipment on which it perches, the son of Micah, and was almost strangled when rage covered the head. Anything this guy does not teach life.

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