Crash Ephraim was the occasion to launch campaign against all of us, “liberastov”. View, they say, what they drink, inject, kill people hurl

The Accusers Of Ephraim.

I don’t believe you, gentlemen! Your choking angry barking virtue – is hypocrisy. Have you noticed or have softened fights, arrogance and crimes of those in power and their children. Do you drive or dream of driving cars with the numbers that protect the car and its driver from any inspection. Who, by the way, the drivers of those cars that hit people to death, was put on trial, one of them at least took a test on alcohol? And one of the victims of normal accidents – they are every day! – you remembered?

Have you ever publicly wondered why we still produced such machines that in a collision with a “foreign car” sitting there people should be removed with a blowtorch? No, are you interested in Ukraine or monuments and street names in other countries. I do not see the justification for Ephraim, but you are mad not because outraged by this behavior or sympathize with the victim. Just how long have you hated him, but was powerless something to do with it. And now, Yes – your time.

You want us – those for whom he read his “Citizen” has risen in one number with the prosecutors or was so stupid and immoral to demand his release, although only very sick person can take that perfect Mikhail Olegovich crime go unpunished. But I’m not a Prosecutor – it’s not my business to demand for Ephraim period. And if I got picked for the jury, I would ask to release me from this duty – I admire his creativity, I’m too grateful to be objective.

Yes, I know that he’s guilty, you know that it planted, and it will be true, yeah, I loathe drunk driving, but I can’t be happy with what he hoped would be in jail. And I’ll be glad when and if he, after serving his released.

Of course, you went on the tragedy – just an excuse for you. You launched a campaign against us all – look, they say, what they drink, inject, kill people hurl. But arrogant and ostentatious contempt for the law and accepted norms characteristic is still not for us – and for those close to the government, which puts itself above others in their situation, and most importantly, the class character of our society (Ephraim is, of course, not justified).

I think, for that intoxicating sense to count all slaves, and themselves as people gosudarevy, not only for the opportunity to steal, and you’re ready to serve any king. We have liberastov, as you delicately put it, of course, anything can happen, but among my friends, for example, there is no person with alcohol or drug addiction. As there is no one who would sit down drunk behind the wheel or have supported the current government.

Of the deceased it is a pity. I hope the family of Ephraim or he will do everything to his widow was not, at least, financial problems, although the person will not return. And Michael Ephraim I wish to pass those ordeals that are coming to him.

Source: Leonid Gozman / Facebook

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