“Couldn’t help it”. Lukashenko asked not to condemn Belarus for the parade during a pandemic

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko urged not to condemn the country for carrying out parade in a victory Day during a pandemic coronavirus in the world. He said this during a speech at the parade, the full text of which is published on the website of the Belarusian President.

Lukashenko said that “even the idea to change traditions that have 75 years of glorified history of the Great Feat of the winners, for us unacceptable.”

“But in this crazy, lost world, there are people condemning us for the time and place of holding this sacred action. Want to tell them properly: not rush to conclusions, and especially to condemn us – the heirs of Victory, the Belarusians. We just couldn’t help it, we had no other choice, and if he had, we would have done the same, because we look at the eyes of the dead for our freedom of Soviet soldiers, eyes tortured in the dungeons of the Gestapo, partisans and underground fighters, the eyes of the elderly, women and children of Khatyn”, – he said.

May 9 in the Belarus capital Minsk, despite the pandemic of coronavirus, a parade was held, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the end of world war II. The Ministry of defense of Belarus announced participation in the parade 4 thousand soldiers, 185 units of tracked and wheeled vehicles.

As of the morning of may 9 in Belarus recorded 21 101 infected with the coronavirus, 121 a case of them lethal, this is evidenced by the data of the University Johns Hopkins.

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