Coral reefs help to design a perfectly optimized industrial building

Issues of land use in densely populated Metropolitan areas and countries with a small territory are so acute that the designers are willing to draw ideas from anywhere, if it works. One such source of inspiration for the architects of coral reefs. Earlier considered as just a complicated underwater structure, but recent studies have shown that corals growth is purposefully arranged in the optimal configuration for the most effective survival biome.

The researcher Sancho Salcedo from the University of alcalá de Henares (Spain) in 2013 drew attention to regularities in the structure of coral and began the development of algorithms for modeling. Like office or industrial complex, the reef must have space to accommodate large and small living creatures, the way they move, the inputs and outputs, like ventilation and lighting. And all of this is extremely compact, because the bottom of the sea or the cliff-side, very little suitable places. Coral reefs are home to many types of creatures and in the course of evolution, corals have developed a specific mechanism perfect plan.

With the help of colleagues from the University of Cordoba Salcedo managed to develop a system design, which creates a total and floor plans of industrial buildings. This takes into account the size of the equipment, manufactured products, the difficulty of transporting them between departments, production cycle, requirements for environmental, personnel, requirements for its security. You can set the optimization for a given parameter – for example, profit or speed.

The latest development adds to the overall algorithm tool of subjective control. The program can decide what to put mechanics in a cramped room with no Windows and microlimate great savings. To prevent this, we need control of the customer-the person who will make changes. It complicates the project, but it still retains the ergonomic and financial benefits.

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