Contrary to forecasts of doctors: the Victoria’s Secret model Romy Strayed for the first time will become a mother

The week ends with great news: the Victoria’s Secret model Romy Strayed and her boyfriend Laurens van Leeuwen for the first time become parents. This hottie said in his Instagram account. Also, the model shared her story of struggle with the diagnosis, which her two years ago did the doctors and polycystic ovary syndrome.

“I was devastated because my biggest dream was to become a mother and create a family with Lawrence. I was very scared to never be able to have children because I was told that with a natural pregnancy may be difficult. I started to study this disease and came to the conclusion that I was not a typical case. Mine was triggered by constant stress, which was my body. I have never felt this, but the constant flights, workouts, diet affected my health,” said Romy.

After that, Strayed decided to completely change their way of life, and it helped!

“I started to do less intensely, eat a healthy diet and generally start to treat yourself more carefully, allowing himself to pause, when necessary. I also began to try natural supplements and acupuncture, and returned home to the Netherlands to spend more time with family (because I’m really a family man). And now I’m so happy to say that last November, my period returned to me and soon we will be three! I want to tell girls who are trying to get pregnant: believe in yourself, be kind to yourself and your body and don’t let bad thoughts get to you,” said the model.

How happy we are!

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