Compact oven Rocketboil ready to work on any conceivable fuel

On Kickstarter appeared a project “rocket furnace” Rocketboil. Her work is based on two principles – the post-combustion of the wood gases released during the combustion (pyrolysis) and the free flow of gases through the channels due to the natural draft of the chimney.

Oven Rocketboil omnivorous. To melt, amiss, dry wood, leaves, twigs, pine cones, charcoal and briquettes are any solid fuel. You can use liquid fuel, for example, means for the disinfection – gel-based ethanol.

Rocketboil consists of an aluminium flask with double wall insulation, cork, anodized aluminum of the combustion chamber and the same pot supports. Liquid fuel has a special attachment with a recess, and for storage and carrying provides durable bag with drawstring.

A small combustion chamber are placed inside the base of the furnace under the flask. In its upper part set stand for the pot. The flask is filled with about 550 ml of water, which is enough for two cups of boiling water or two servings of semi-finished products.

Oven can be used for simultaneous cooking and boiling water, helping to save fuel. Depending on the type of fuel, the boiling time is about 7 minutes.

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