Commentator Dota 2 was accused of harassment and forced sex

Stremersch and cosplayer Ashnichrist told about the harassment popular English commentator, Andrew “Zyori” Campbell.

According to her, popular commentator asked her Dota Summit in the role of a cosplayer. They spent much time together, and after the after party went to sleep in the same bed – but nothing happened between them. The next morning, the commentator asked her to tell all friends that between them there was something. She agreed. After that, she felt ashamed, because he is a popular commentator who knows a lot of people asked her – “nothingness” – the private tournament with important people. It seemed to her that she needs him.

Later she was again invited to the tournament BTS – she knew that it would require, but still went because I wanted to be part of this group. The first day she started her period, she was trying to say that you can’t have sex, but the commentator got to her. The whole week they had sex every day, although she didn’t like it, but she felt that she owed him. After she returned home, the commentator sent her pictures of bloody sheets. She was embarrassed and she started to fear that he will use the photo if she tells someone. Because it has long been silent.

Now she does not consider herself part of the DotA community and decided to talk about it. In the end, she said that did not want to hear from Zyori – no apology, no explanation. The only time she called the commentator at the nickname – at the end of the open letter. Before that on Twitter she said that Zyori “did something bad”.

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