Coffee plunger Flair Neo will prepare a perfect espresso without electricity

Meet new Neo Flair coffee espresso without electricity. The device uses a simple mechanism of a lever to create the pressure necessary to obtain a coffee. Flair Neo greatly simplifies even the complex process of selection of the correct grinding through your portafilter – little bowls where filled with ground coffee. It is arranged in such a way that always ensures the optimal pressure inside, regardless of the size of coffee granules.

In addition, Flair Neo can be upgraded to more advanced models. It is compatible with any standard accessories Flair, including a portafilter 2-in-1 without the bottom and a pressure gauge to monitor the level of pressure on the lever. Experienced Barista who is important to control the parameters of brewing coffee yourself, might be interested in the standard Flair or Flair Pro. The latter is able to cook multiple servings and has several professional settings.

Like its “big brothers”, the Neo consists of a steel tank for ground coffee, the base and arm of cast aluminum. Despite the low price compared with standard coffee machine, Flair highly durable and long lasting. It can be easy to disassemble and take a trip.

The first copies of the Neo Flair, expected to be released in may. The retail price will be $119, but currently you can pre-order on Kickstarter for $89 dollars.

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