Clubs of Mikhaylyuk and Lana open their training facilities

The NBA took the first steps to return the basketball after quarantine. First team open training base.

However, while it can do not all participants of the League. The first such opportunity to have teams from cities where improved epidemic status.

May 8 open database “Detroit” Svyatoslav Mikhailuk, Portland and Cleveland.

11 may need to open database “Sacramento” yet another Ukrainian in the NBA – Alexey Lenya.

However, while these databases will only be available for private lessons players.

In the NBA there’s no official decision on the future of the current season and the beginning of the next. All of the participants continued to search for the best option, given the fast changing realities.

The NBA season stopped on March 11 after the first cases of infection with coronavirus.

Earlier it was reported that the NBA Season can play at Disneyland.

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