Clothing with active cooling protects against heat and repel water

Researchers from Donghua University (China) developed a synthetic fabric for active cooling of the body without the use of energy sources. All the matter in the chemical properties of new materials, the combination of which allows to achieve complex effect – and impressive performance. New tissue does not block the natural functions of the body – on the contrary, helps it easier to get rid of excess heat and moisture.

The basis is the old and proven durable polyurethane. It has added a layer of fluorinated polyurethane with strong hydrophobic qualities. The third layer is made of boron nitride and has excellent performance of heat transfer. All three materials United in the fibers of nanometer diameter, of which woven fabric with large cells.

When the human body heats up and begins to perspire, through the pores of the sweat gets out. The boron nitride so effectively dissipates the heat that the fabric surface is heated by more than a degree higher than the body itself. This heat heats the air and produces a steady air flow from the body surface outwards, which accelerates the evaporation of sweat. All the liquid is trapped outside, pushed fluorinated polyurethane and runs off the fabric, leaving it dry.

To demonstrate the outstanding qualities of fabric developers put it in as a jumper in a vessel, where the top and was poured water, and the bottom was the air. Of force water pressure is not enough, so it leaked through the fabric even in the form of drops, and when turned on the compressor, the air from below began to penetrate through the fabric and penetrate the water in the form of bubbles. The developers of the fabric say that in addition to the task of cooling the new material could serve as the basis for the filtration systems.

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