Chinese scientists have developed “air-plasma” engine, which doesn’t need fuel

In the Wuhan University (China) developed and tested the concept of a new type of engine, which must compete with the old jet models. The main feature of novelty is that it does not use fuel from fossil sources, and therefore safe for the environment. And it works without loss of power – a working prototype showed the same results as the jet engines.

Air transportation provides a significant contribution to air pollution – according to the New York Times it exceeds 2.5% of the total emissions. Replacement of internal combustion engines and jet engines to alternative propulsion promises significant benefits, but because of Wuhan scientists consider their work justified and important. To describe the main driving forces of their setup they use the term “air plasma”.

The idea of a new engine to compress air and direct the flow through a nozzle, simultaneously ionizing it with microwave radiation. The result is a torch made of ionized gas (plasma) which pushes the object forward. In the experiment, scientists were able to get to fly a steel ball with a diameter of 24 mm and weighing 1 kg. the Installation requires energy for its operation, but in the process it does not burn, does not create smoke, soot and other harmful emissions. Now it is small – create the full-size version of the engine and test it in real flight.

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