China recorded a new outbreak of coronavirus, a day identified 17 cases

For the last day in China revealed 17 new cases of infection with coronavirus infection COVID-19, no deaths were recorded. This may 11 reported on the website of the National Commission on health of the PRC.

Of the 17 new cases of infection with coronavirus infection seven importations, the other ten — local (three in Jilin province, five in Hubei province, one in the provinces of Heilongjiang and Liaoning).

Per day 24 the patient recovered, 678 people were released from medical observation, the condition of four critically ill patients improved.

As reported by Xinhua, three new locally infected patient in Jilin city had close infected with a coronavirus infection, previously identified in the County-level city of Shulan, which is administratively subordinate to the city of Jilin. May 9, in Shulan has recorded 11 new confirmed cases. They are all cases of local infection.

Solana authorities have introduced quarantine measures: restrict movement of vehicles and people, closed entertainment facilities, libraries and Internet cafes. In addition, students of senior classes of secondary schools of first and second stages, which earlier was back at their desks, it was again recommended to return to the remote learning at home.

March 11, 2020, the who announced the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. By data for may 11 throughout the world, the coronavirus has infected 4.12 million people. From COVID-19 fromMerlot 283 thousand people, recovered 1.42 million

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