China launches first network of tourist flying drone

EHang, the airline joined forces with the travel company LN Holdings to top the list of the proposed hotels in air tourism. A kind of “testing ground”, which will be running this unusual idea will be the LN Garden hotel in the Chinese city of Nansha.

On 9 may the leaders of the company EHang and LN Group has signed an agreement that the LN Garden Hotel will create urban infrastructure for taxi-drones to guests of the hotel can make air tours and to participate in the show with the drones.

Media representatives who were present at the signing ceremony, had the opportunity to make several short flights around the hotel for air taxi 216 EHang before an acrobatic light show drone.

Autonomous aircraft 216 EHang has two passenger capsule, surrounded by eight rods, each of which are located two rotors. Maximum stated speed electric taxi – 130 km/h and the flight time is 20 minutes.

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