China intends to reform the system of prevention of diseases because of the epidemic of the coronavirus

China announced its intention to reform the system of emergency response in public health. This was stated by Deputy head of the National public health Commission of China Li Bin, according to the Agency Xinhua.

He noted that the epidemic of the coronavirus revealed “some weaknesses” in the health care system.

According to Lee Bina, the authorities intend to reform the system for the prevention and control of diseases, “focusing on preventing major infections and control and emergency response in public health”.

He also stated the need “to intensify international exchange [of data] and cooperation.”

Flash coronavirus infection COVID-19 began in late 2019 in the Chinese city of Wuhan. May 9, in the world of coronavirus infected 3.99 million people died 277 thousand, recovered approximately 1.34 million, informs the Johns Hopkins University.

In recent weeks, China is increasingly being accused of concealing the extent of the epidemic at the very beginning. So, the US intelligence report, the contents of which became known to the Agency Bloomberg, said that China was hiding the extent of the outbreak of coronavirus, understating the number of cases and number of deaths.

Vice-President Mike Pence in an interview with CNN on April 1 said that the whole world could be in a better position if Chinese authorities were “more candid”. Available data suggests that the Chinese are faced with a new virus in December, and a month earlier, said Penny.

On 15 April, the Associated Press reported that the Beijing six days kept silent about the fact that the virus can be transmitted from person to person and, therefore, could trigger an epidemic. According to some experts, this “paved the way for the pandemic COVID-19”.

April 23, U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo expressed confidencethat the Chinese Communists “will answer for what happened.” On 3 may he said that the United States has a “huge amount” of evidencethat the pandemic started with the diversion of coronavirus from the Wuhan Institute.

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