China has temporarily stopped the import of Norwegian salmon due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in Beijing market

The Chinese authorities announced the suspension of the supply of salmon from Norway due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in the Beijing market “Sinhali”, reported Bloomberg.

Fish disappeared from the market stalls and supermarket shelves of China and the state media at the weekend there were calls for the people of China not to eat imported seafood.

Affected and other importers of salmon, such as Denmark and Australia, the Agency said.

June 13 in Beijing was closed for sanitary processing, the largest market, “Sinhali”. The reason for the closure of the market was the outbreak of coronavirus. Infected at least 100 people, Beijing authorities banned from leaving the city lof Adam risk groups, as well as those who were in contact with sick.

Newspaper “people’s Daily” wrote that the source of the coronavirus were discovered on the Board for cutting the imported salmon in the market, “Signpad”.

17 June in the Chinese edition of the popular science Science and Technology Daily published an article which indicated that the fish can theoretically be a vector of human viruses, however, to prove that a dead salmon frozen has become the source of infection is not possible. A more likely scenario, people infected with SARS-CoV-2, to touch fish during transportation, after which it hit the market, suggested by experts.

The government of Norway on June 17 statedthat he had received official statements by Chinese services infection control that food and water could not be the cause of an outbreak COVID-19 in Beijing. In Oslo, expect that this conclusion will help to resume the supply of Norwegian salmon to China, said the press service of the government, the Minister of fisheries and seafood odd Emil Ingebrigtsen.

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