CEO of Leeds: “We need to be in the Champions League”

General Director of “Leeds United” Angus Kinnear said that the output of the team in the Premier League – this is the basic task. In fact, the club has a higher purpose.

“Leeds should not be part of the championship, it needs to be part of the Premier League, so the competition starts now, and we are talking about the Premier League.

Over the next few years Leeds have to get to the level where I can fight for a place in the top 6 of the Premier League. It has always been our goal.

Leeds should be a Premier League team. Frankly, Leeds have to be a team in the Champions League – such is the vision of our future,” said the functionary.

On Friday it became known that Leeds came early in the Premier League. “Peacocks” 16 years have not played in the elite division.

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