Carragher has accused Ferguson with the judges

Legendary former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher during a live broadcast on Sky Sports with the ex-player “Manchester United” Gary Neville has accused the former mentor of the “Red devils” Sir Alex Ferguson with the judges:

Jamie Carragher: “what do you think, Gary, the reason that “Manchester United” has passed, is that Ferguson is no longer pressure on judges? I’m totally serious”.

Gary Neville: “I believe that your words are slander. You say that “Manchester United” has won the title, simply buying the judges.”

Jamie Carragher: “how else to explain the fall from first to seventh or eighth place, when you no longer have a coach who intimidates the judges?”.

For his sparring Carragher and Neville received a warning from Sky Sports.

Ferguson led the “Manchester United” from 1986 to 2013 and he won 13 League titles in the EPL.

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