Can not stand during the national anthem. Football in the United States changed because of the protests

The football Federation of the USA (USSF) announced that it supported the movement against racism Black Lives Matter. Moreover, changes in the rules of the competition.

The decision to eliminate the rulethat requires you to stand during the national anthem. The rule was put into effect in 2017 after Megan Rapino knelt in solidarity with the peaceful protests of activists against police brutality and systematic oppression of black people in America.

In a statement the organization said: “it has Become clear that this policy was wrong and distracted from the important message of Black Lives Matter. We have not done enough to listen to people, especially our players to understand and recognize a very real and meaningful experiences of blacks and other minorities in our country.

We apologize to our players, especially black players, staff, fans and everyone who supports the eradication of racism. Sport is a powerful platform for good, and we didn’t use our platform as effectively as they should. We can do more of these specific questions and we will do it.

Our players have to determine how they can best use their platforms to fight against all forms of racism, discrimination and inequality. We are ready to support them in their efforts to achieve social justice. We can’t change the past but we can change the situation in the future. We are committed to these efforts for change and will implement additional actions in the near future.”

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