BRYNZAK, “What’s wrong with that I helped coach Loginova with accreditation?”

The head of the biathlon Federation of Ukraine Volodymyr Brynzak said, where the coach of the Russian biathlete Alexander Loginov during the world Cup were discovered by Ukrainian accreditation.

“What have I done with Him? Let’s start with the fact that usernames married a Ukrainian athlete, they had a child. Yes, and Sasha is a good guy. Yes, he had trouble with the anti-doping Agency. But nobody knows what it really is. After training all athletes undergo restorative procedures. Using ultrasound, magnetotherapy. It is also necessary to recover the minerals, to drink vitamins. The doctor did all the manipulation, and the athlete could get up and leave. None of this telling. And for good reason. However, these are my guesses based on the information that had the opportunity to hear. By Loginov I didn’t interact, although it seems that he’s a normal guy. He regrets that it happened and says he didn’t know what had happened. Although, you might have known, because in Russia the whole system worked in these cases were all mixed up. And go against the system – not gonna make the team.

And with Him, which was Novosibirsk, we are still in the late 70-ies of the last century ran together on the competition of the Central Council of sports society “Petrel”. We have known for over 30 years. What’s wrong with that I helped a friend with whom Russia has not made accreditation? I understand how important is for the athlete to have a coach. And Loginov the Russian national team was the only contender for a medal. But it’s not in Russia and not in Him. If me with a similar request came suspended coach from Slovakia or Velepec, who is now coached Slovenia, would have done the same. For humanly. We are not alone. The French got a penalty for a similar story. In addition, we have not arrived people, accreditation was free,” said project Manager brynzak.

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