Brother Pablo Escobar demands Apple compensation of $2.6 billion for mental suffering

Brother of the famous drug Lord Pablo Escobar – Roberto – have found another way to draw attention to himself by filing a lawsuit against Apple. He claims to have suffered from poor quality work ON the iPhone and requires the IT giant huge compensation, as much as $2.6 billion For comparison, when the European Commission fined Apple for real, and not imaginary sins in the field of Antimonopoly legislation, the amount of punishment was much less – just $1.49 billion

But what happened? Roberto Escobar claims that in the past year received telephone advice from Apple support, where they assured him that the company’s products secure and has no vulnerabilities. Escobar had bought to celebrate the launched iPhone, FaceTime activated and are well known and thoroughly described the exploit. Then I began to get strange letters, including the threat of violence that led to his “severe emotional trauma”.

Escobar argues that in his agony to blame the people from Apple. First, reassurance about security was a lie, for this he had to pay $100 million second, the company has not informed him personally about the exploit and did nothing to prevent its execution, and for that she owed him another $500 million Finally, thirdly, themselves suffering from the experience of Escobar estimated at $2 billion total $2.6 billion for the harm caused by modern technology.

The vulnerability in question was identified and fixed last summer, but Escobar could accidentally or deliberately choose to ignore the installation of the patch. And in General the evidence of the claimant is not much, and Apple are silent. Experts believe that what is happening is nothing more than another black PR against Escobar, who has been repeatedly caught trying to capitalize on others ‘ names and work.

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