Breakthrough: scientists were able to record the info in synthetic molecules

In theory, storage and transmission of information any material, medium or thing, in which you can implement the specified sequence of parameters. This battle signal the drums, and Morse code and binary code in the chip. And recently, scientists have created a synthetic molecule, new substance, in the structure of which the recorded information. One molecule – one array of data.

Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, and the Ruhr University of Bochum, was chosen as a promising material metalorganic frameworks (MOF). They have a microporous structure, nanometer size, in which organic ions are attached to lattices of arbitrary metals. Changing the type of metal, it is possible to obtain a MOF with different physical and chemical properties and to use them as membranes, filters, catalysts, etc.

The concept is that by varying the location of the individual ions, you can arrange them to form a code. For this purpose, we designed a new MOF-74, in which the oxide frame has the shape of a rod, but several of these rods are United in a structure of type cell. Along these rods are attached to ions of lead, cobalt, cadmium and manganese, the location of which is read on the technology of atom probe tomography (APT).

As a result, scientists have managed to create a molecule with the recorded information and then to read the data. Now they are working on a technology rewrite of molecules that is not so easy – initially, the MOF was conceived disposable with fixed structure. However, it is not excluded that in the near future storage in our gadgets will be created by molecular technologies.

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