Boss McLaren about season f-1: “14-15 races on 10 tracks”

The boss of Formula 1 team McLaren Zac brown believes that Formula 1 has developed a realistic plan to return in July, but problems can not be avoided.

“We plan to start with two races in Austria and two in the UK. I do not exclude that in the two races held at other tracks, if the problems begin with the move on countries.”

“But I am convinced that on this path there will be obstacles, there will be problems. If we want to stages in Asia or America, the risk of such difficulties will increase.”

“For season 8 stages, and I think it’s real. Guide f-1 hopes 16-18 stages. I am less optimistic in this regard”.

“I think 14-15 will be racing on 10 tracks. This will be a full season,” says brown.

Formula 1 has not yet published a preliminary calendar, but confirmed plans to launch in Austria.

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