“Bosnalek” began deliveries of marked drug in Russia

The largest Bosnian pharmaceutical manufacturer “Bosnalek” began deliveries of marked drug in Russia on the eve of the start of mandatory labeling of medication July 1.

In the near future “Bosnalek” will be put into circulation more than 37 thousand codes marking their products and I have Enterofuril, Remedium reported in the press service of CBT.

In cooperation with CV PROTEK products with a Data Matrix code will be delivered to the warehouse of the company. Relevant information about the movement of drugs will be displayed in the national system of marking a fair SIGN. Further conduct of the marked goods is at the discretion of the pharmacy that shipped prescription drugs. The requirement of compulsory registration in each link of supply chain has not yet entered into force.

“Two months before the start of mandatory marking, we as the operator is faced with the fact that many pharmaceutical manufacturers label drugs, but not inject them into the circulation or injected, but as untagged – no pass information about them to the system. This poses challenges for distributors and pharmacies, which are unable to fully test the system. Therefore, we support companies that, like “Bosnalek”, transmit data for codes of medicines on the system. Sure, the number of such cases in the near future will only increase,” — said Sergei kholkin, head of commodity group “Pharma” CRPT.

Previously, the Ministry has asked pharmaceutical companies to fill the market branded medicines to all pharmacies, hospitals and other participants in the industry full all tested by the time of launch mandatory labeling of medication July 1. At the moment the system has 60 thousand organizations, 94% of Russian and 80% of foreign manufacturers, 71% of pharmacies, and 46% of health facilities. Released more than 600 million codes.

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