BONUCCI: “Balotelli is a bad guy, no respect for teammates”

The legend of Juventus Giorgio Chiellini has called the worst teammates in his career:

“During my career, I was really let down by two players. Balotelli is a bad man who did not respect their own teammates.

During the Confederations Cup in 2013, Mario does not help the team, if not Vice versa. It is entirely deserved, as he is treated in the media.

Some believed that he is in the top 5 forwards in the world. But I never thought he was in the top ten, or even twenty.

However, there were still a terrible partner Felipe Melo. I can’t stand people who have no respect for anyone and all around see their enemies.

When he was around, it was always a risk of fights. I then just said to the bosses: he is a rotten Apple.

The problem is not how many bad games you had. I’m talking about those who have gone beyond all acceptable limits”.

His career Chiellini plans to complete in 2021.


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