Bon giorno, Serie a!

The season in Italy returned to the semi-finals and final of the Cup of Italy, which this Wednesday was won by Napoli.

20 Jun coronavirus after a pause returns and series A. Of all the “big five” Italian is the most intriguing. Besides, there is now one of the two whales of modern football. So hurry to see. But first, we will place emphasis and put everything on shelves.


One to watch: the main diamond is a hopeless outsider – midfielder Tonala. 20-year-old universal – already stable player not only Brescia, but also the national team of Italy. This guy is equally cleverly can play on the flanks and in midfield. His “crown” – a great vision of the field, ability to pass the ball forty metres. Next season he will probably change club. His priority is inter or Juve. There was another bright player on the team – the notorious Balotelli, but his decision was removed from training. And from the team too.

Twitter Brescia. Tonala

Nostalgia: the team started future world Champions – 1982 and 2006 – the Altobelli and Tony, played a young Pirlo. But the main asset of the club – Roberto Baggio. “The divine ponytail” at the beginning of the two thousandth has played for Brescia over a hundred matches in which he scored 46 goals. Number ten, which stands in Brescia, one of Italy’s most famous players assigned to him forever.

Our: in the early nineties Brescia coached future years the mentor of Shakhtar Mircea Lucescu. Under the leadership of the Romanian team was known as a tough mid-table club. At that time, under Lucescu performed and future captain of Shakhtar Matuzalem.

Outlook: the stars from heaven, the team never had, rooted in the minds of fans of Italian football as a team-lift, balancing between series A and B. is Unlikely to avoid relegation in this time, because up to the zone of “salvation” as much as nine points. But the rest of the blood will spoil.

Do you have the notorious outsider – “Brescia” chance to take points in Florence? Parimatch gives Fiorentina a good KEF – 1.53.


One to watch: one of the most colorful personalities – the goalkeeper Etrit Berisha. The main goalkeeper of the national team of Albania belongs to the “Atalanta” and SLEEP acts on loan. Performs quite well, but one is a warrior.

Twitter was ASLEEP. Etrit Berisha

Nostalgia: “Sports society of art and labor” – it is translated from the Italian the strange acronym was ASLEEP, gave a start in life a young Fabio Capello. The future winner of League of Champions in structure “Milan” has spent in the team of Ferrara’s three seasons. And in this club was started by coach Max Allegri. However, started out not so hot: under his leadership SLEPT took only 9th place in series C.

Outlook: not promising. The team at the time of a restart less than all scored in Serie A, a lot of flows, the asset is only five victories. From relegation in can save her a miracle.

SLEPT from relegation in can save only a miracle. Victory over “Cagliari” over 2.75 – may be the first step to salvation


One to watch: winter was leased from Udinese midfielder Antonin Barak. The term of the agreement until the end of the season. The Czech wagon is the most expensive football player, “Lecce” (his transfer fee is 8 million euros). The only trouble is that it is a direct competitor for a place in the heart of our Yadav.

Nostalgia: in Lecce, was born and began his brilliant career in the same club Antonio Conte, the future winner of League of Champions in structure “Juventus”, and then the coach of Juventus and the Italian national team. However, a special vertex with Lecce player Conte is not reached.

Our “Cure Lee “Lecce” Serhiy Atelkin”? With this title in the late nineties, came out of one of our sport newspaper, focusing on the fact that the Ukrainian striker was the main hope of the “red-yellow” in the attack. Not cured. Now “wolves” “treats” another Ukrainian – Evgeny Shakhov, who in the main part doesn’t always.

Twitter Lecce. Evgeny Shakhov

Prospects: it may even be that Lecce will be able to keep an elite residence: is that team Liverani points equal to occupying the saving 17th place Genoa. So the whole struggle for the salvation yet to come.


Who to watch: despite the unsightly 17th place in the team quite a lot of famous players: the goalkeeper Perin, the center back of Romero and Zapata, midfielder Shen, defender Alves, an attacking midfielder Alex oxlade-Chamberlain. What they then fail to perform? Maybe it’s Nikola (coach, that is)?

Nostalgia: “gryphons” – unequivocally the best team in Italy. However, this situation was a long time ago, in the late nineties of the last (!) century. Then genasci won three of the starting championship of Italy. After one season, they again three times in a row “get rich” in Serie A. Since then, about such regalia is not necessary even to dream of.

Our: after Dynamo Kiev and AC Milan for Genoa finished Georgian defender Kakha Kaladze. At the same time Kakhaber played future FC Dynamo Kyiv midfielder Miguel Veloso.

Twitter Genoa. Miguel Veloso

Prospects: to save the current season is still possible. But no more: the team has no signature handwriting, many passes, few goals, so fighting only for survival.


One to watch: Manolo Gabbiadini and Fabio Quagliarella, two blocks “Sampa”, its main attacking power. But the real legend of the club – coach Ranieri. Don Claudio, although there is already “fair”, but certainly want to go Italian. That is, beautiful.

Nostalgia: and the second Hinweise club at the time was the best in Italy. The time is 1991: it was then that “Sampa” in the first and last time in its history won the scudetto. And the year before won the Cup winners Cup, and after a year lost in the final of the Champions League at Barca. That famous team was led by a guru Moscow, and in its composition were such stars like Vialli and Mancini.

Our full-fledged champion of Italy in the “Sampdoria” became our Olexiy Mykhailychenko, who joined the team of Kiev “Dynamo”. However, to gain a foothold in the team he failed – spent only one season.

Twitter Sampdoria. Alex Mickle

Outlook: not the same now “Doria”, not the same. But the resources to retain elite status at genugten should be enough.

Inter at Giuseppe Meazza against Campoy clear favorite. But X2 for 3.20 to look very attractive


One to watch: the team enough famous people. Only Simone Zaza is worth. But the main star of the bulls Central striker Andrea Belotti, who estimated more than 35 million euros.

Twitter Torino. Andrea Belotti

Nostalgia: in the forties of the last century – unequivocally the best team in Italy. And maybe the whole of Europe. Torino then turned five times in a row the champion of Serie A. the dream Team died in the plane crash of 1949. From this tragedy, the bulls still did not recover.

Our: Ukrainian defender Vasiliy Priyma in October 2015 signed a contract with Torino, but his career in Italy has not worked. Two seasons he spent in the team and the future Shakhtar forward Cristiano Lucarelli.

Prospects: a lot of defeats – 14, not enough goals scored – 28. Further, it is unlikely that anything will change. But the elite will not fly.

Torino has lost their last 6 (!) matches in the championship. That “Burgundy” don’t lose at home Parma coefficient 1.33


One to watch: the most popular at the moment the player triulzi – attacking midfielder Rodrigo De Paul. 26-year old player attacks there is a demand, but potential buyers are deterred by the high price, more than 20 million euros.

Twitter Udinese. Rodrigo De Paul

Nostalgia: world champion-2006 in the Italian national team represented Iaquinta Udinese. And in the Friulian club shone Bergoff, Jeff, Di Natale, handanovič. But the most significant player for Udinese – a Brazilian Zico, who played in the mid-eighties of the last century.

Perspective: less “zebras” were scored only SLEPT, but triulzi quite good in defence (missed out on reaching the sixth level, “Napoli”). The residence permit will be extended, but not to threaten.


One to watch: Federico Chiesa – the passion and talent of the current of the Florentine team, its the main diamond and the asset. But the most successful and influential player “violets” is, of course, ageless 37-year-old Franck Ribery.

FC Fiorentina. Federico Chiesa

Nostalgia: at the “Artemio Franchi” started his long and glorious path of Roberto Baggio. But the most iconic figure for the “violets” became the unforgettable Argentinean Batistuta, who shined in the team in the 90s.

Our Ukrainian attacking midfielder Oleksandr Yakovenko in 2013 moved to Fiorentina in the star of Anderlecht. But to play in the team failed only three games in almost three years.

Outlook: a team with good players and excellent, even by the standards of the Italian giants, on a budget. But this season – definitely in the negative: does not fly, but to not fight for what.


Who to watch: for the “islanders” is the son of the head coach of Madrid “Atletico” Diego Simeone Giovanni. Performs quite well: he plays at the base, often different goals and assists. But his contract belongs to the “Fiorentina”, so after the end of the season he likely will return to “Artemio Franchi”.

FC Cagliari. Giovanni Simeone

Nostalgia: “the islanders” one time Champions Italy. Happened this momentous event in the already distant 1970. Then, Cagliari have lost only two matches in the season. The best player of the team was Luigi Riva, for whom the club is eternally secured the 11-th number.

Our: after a long career at Shakhtar ex-captain of Shakhtar Darijo Srna one year spent in Cagliari. That year became the last Croatian player as the current player. Afterward he returned to Shakhtar as a coach.

Prospects: confident mid-table team And the series: a lot of misses, but even more scores. In the middle of the table, apparently, and will finish the current season.


One to watch: a solid team to play total football. Stars of the first magnitude in it. Its main star is the coach: Roberto De Zerbi haven called the main Italian innovator of the “new wave”. The level of his team, he has already outgrown. But while that holds.

Nostalgia: who can safely be called the Italian “nonama”, so this is the “Sassuolo”. The team holds only the seventh season in the elite, and the higher its achievement was sixth place in 2016, which was evaluated as an incredible sensation.

Prospects: someone else will not take, but will not miss her. In General, a typical middle peasant. But not without ambition.


One to watch: the main miracle of the current “Bologna” – not on the football field and on the coaching bench. Heads the “red-blue” the legendary Serbian former football player and now a coach Mihajlovic. Sinisa known not only profile victories: he recently beat leukemia.

Twitter Bologna. Sinisa Mihajlovic

Nostalgia: in the late thirties of the last century – the best club in the country. However, the major success of “Bologna” and stayed there – in the wilderness of the last century. But seven titles make this club one of the most respected in Italy.

Outlook: this team is a mystery: it could “fly” the underdog, but can win and the favorite. It is unlikely that anything will substantially change after the restart of the season.


One to watch: former “fantasista” London “Arsenal” and “Roma” Gervinho after leaving the Cup of China disappeared from radar. It seemed, forever. But in the summer of 2018, he suddenly appeared in “Parma”. Again to fall in love with football Italy. Gervinho

Nostalgia: Cinderella became a real Princess. Peripheral team rattled in the mid-to late nineties of the last century. During this period in the asset “crusaders” two UEFA Cup, one UEFA Cup winners ‘ cups and three Coppa Italia. And the names which were: Crespo, Chiesa, Veron, Buffon, Thuram…

Ours: if not gold, then at least the gilded page in the history of the club wrote a future coach of Donetsk “Shakhtar” the Rock: under the leadership of don Nevio “yellow-blue” won its major victory.

Perspective: equally wins and losses – ten, approximately the same number of goals scored and conceded (32 – 31). The most that neither is the middle class. But very toothy.


One to watch: the strength of the current “Verona” – in her defense. The main star defense team – 20-year-old graduate of the club Marash Kumbula. The player of national team of Albania is unlikely to linger long in Verona, so hurry up to see.

Nostalgia: in 1985, Verona won the Italian championship. First violin in the fantastic the team played legions: the German midfielder and the Danish striker brigel Elkjaer-Larsen. Such success “mastiffs” were seen no more, by focusing in the future on the struggle for survival.

Outlook: the team scores a bit (at level “Sampa”), but omits very little (to a championship level, Juve and inter). With such protection “Verona” is able to even fight for “a zone of League of Europe”.

Verona starts with a home fixture against Cagliari. What would you choose: the victory of Verona in 2.12 or put at Cagliari for 3.65


One to watch: “Princess of the fields – corn.” There are no options: while Zlatan Ibrahimovic remains in football, all of us need to catch these beautiful moments. In the beginning of this year, the great Swede is back in Milan with the signing of the agreement before the end of the season. But with an option to extend for another year. Whether it’s activated – look.

Nostalgia: like every great club in the history of the Rossoneri there are several “Golden” periods. But the most of them – the late eighties – early nineties of the last century, when “Milan” under the guidance of Sacchi made another tactical revolution. The main leading role belongs to the phenomenal team had the Dutch trio: Rijkaard, Gullit and van Basten.

Our brightest page in the annals of “Milan” has entered the Ukrainian Andriy Shevchenko. Former striker Kiev “Dynamo” became one of the best strikers in AC Milan, winning with the Rossoneri’s Champions League, and as individual awards – the Golden Ball. Along with Sheba the colors of the club defended another ex-player of Kiev “Dynamo” Kaladze.

FC Milan. Andriy Shevchenko

Outlook: AC Milan are still seventh, but higher than fifth place this season, he is unlikely to be too much lost. And that, my friend, fail. So we wait at the end of the season radical decisions from the club management.

Milan need to get into the Champions League zone. Victory over Lecce 1.66 should be a mandatory program.


One to watch: all the beauties removed all smooth, as on selection: Ospina, Coulibaly, Manolas, Zelinsky, Insigne, Milik, Llorente. With such players, you need to claim at least second place. But while Napoli does not claim, and on the fifth. Reason: too much had been lost at the start of the season, when the team was led by Ancelotti.

Twitter Napoli

Nostalgia: the inscription on the fence of Naples cemetery in 1987: “what a pity you never saw “Napoli” became the champion”. Rumor has it that the next day underneath this inscription appeared fresh: “who said we have not seen it”?! Napoli mid-late eighties of the last century – the icon of the works of Diego Maradona. The Argentine genius was in Naples a national hero.

Prospects: Ancelotti has not only failed to help the team become a champion, but this season dropped it in the middle of the table. Replaced the Master his disciple Gattuso harnessed for a long time, but in the end the game was established. But above the fifth place of the “partenopei” not to climb.

Napoli won the trophy, beating Juventus in the Copa Italia. The next Verona. On the winning team, rino Gattuso give 1.95


One to watch: after leaving the scene of the great “Emperor” Totti “wolves” look not so convincingly: no former luster, although lack of ambition. The first violin in the team continue to play veterans Kolarov, Smalling, Jacko, kalinic, but there is young talent Kluivert Junior and Zanollo.

Nostalgia: one of the most revered and respected football clubs in Italy was the champion of the country only three times. The last time was in 2001. Then the fantastic “wolf pack” led by Capello, but on the field shone Totti, Montella, Cafu, Batistuta.

Our club of Rome headed by former coach of “Shakhtar” Fonseca. To evaluate the performance of the Portuguese specialist still very difficult: there is no coherent picture, we need to wait for the end of the season. But the fact that Paulo didn’t give “wolf” fall in the jungle swamps of the tournament – already a fact. Under the leadership of Fonseca is a former player of Donetsk “metallurg” and “miner” Mkhitaryan, whose rights belong to the British Arsenal.

Twitter Roma

Prospects: seems that the “wolves” are doing everything they can to perform well. Now they occupy a good fifth place. But apparently this is their maximum.

Roma starts with a home match against Sampay that before these will hold us away match with inter. On the winning team, Fonseca Parimatch have a very good ratio – 1.52


One to watch: stock up on popcorn: “the Goddess” – a terrible force. While the team is not dismantled for parts powerful, hurry to stop a moment and just watch her. In the “blue-black” no hegemony of the type of Ronaldo, but the guys under the leadership of the consummate Maestro Gasperini once again prove that the football tactics was born in the Apennines.

Nostalgia: history is being written before our eyes. Hitherto Queen “provincials” could boast only one produced by the Cup of Italy, and that in a past life. Now she is the true face of Italian club football. Last season Atalanta for the first time became the bronze medalist of the series And, in the present first broke through to the quarterfinals of the Champions League. Whether there will be.

Twitter Atalanta. Ruslan Malinovskiy

Our one of the success factors of BERGAMASCHI is a Ukrainian midfielder Malinowski. However, Ruslan has not yet have a permanent seat in the base, but almost always uses the chance that it provides Gasperini. And real captain of this gang is a former Metalist midfielder Gomez.

Outlook: scored 70 goals: close and no one was lying. But at the same time, the team with the absolutely best offense in the League can boast the same defense. If there was a balance, the gold medals would be in my pocket. But at the moment their high place in the first Quartet. Most likely, the last.

In the first round of Atalanta and Lazio issued extravaganza – 3:3. As will be this time? On the draw, by the way, great odds 3.80.


One to watch: Lukaku, Eriksen, Valero, handanovič, young – of such companies will be the envy of any Grand. But the main value of the present inter – coach him. Furious Conte will make his team Champions. But it is unlikely this season.

Twitter Intera

Nostalgia: definitely for the “inter” era of Mourinho. It may well be that the team 1964-65 he was bigger and more authoritative, but the team of 2010 was, as her coach, special. And remains so to this day.

Outlook: before the season, almost all, tired of “rocking” the sun, in one voice said that this season for sure inter will be able to knock over Juventus with his perch. At first it seemed. But in the course of the season the team Conte, gutted on two fronts, lost the strategic initiative. And in the title showdown is unlikely to penetrate.


One to watch: milinković-savić, Immobile, Strakosha, Lulic – the honor and conscience of the current Lazio. But his brain is Simone Inzaghi. Not having “bins”, “inter”, “Milan” or “Juventus”, the young coach was able to make good, but still not star players team star.

Twitter Lazio. Simone Inzaghi

Nostalgia: there was a time when the most hated team in Italy was Juventus. In the late nineties of the last century there ascended the star of Lazio. However, she shone briefly: incredible team under the leadership of Eriksson had again become the champion of Italy and win the Cup of cups. Then it was dismantled “the cogs”.

Outlook: impressive series with 11 wins in a row out of, “Lazio” not only from the shadow of “inter”, but also made the Romans main rival Juventus in fight for scudetto. Now between the teams, the gap is one point. All can be, because until the end of the season another 12 rounds.


Who to watch: if you like Ronaldo, then you know where to look. And if you still don’t like it, anyway look at his face: after quarantine, he will return even stronger. Be sure: when almost all was under house “arrest”, the Portuguese star in his native Madeira, pumping iron and running mileage. He still remains one of the strongest players in the world. Although beside him, too full of “stuffing”: Buffon, Chiellini, Dibala, Pjanic.

Twitter Juventus. Cristiano Ronaldo

Nostalgia: despite the huge number of titles and regalia, Juventus won the Champions Cup twice. The last time was in 1996, under the leadership of Lippi. But for the first time – in 1985, under the leadership of Platini on the field, and Trapattoni on the coaching bench. The Juve fans of the team are recognized the strongest in the history.

Our virtuoso midfielder Kiev “Dynamo” and the USSR national team Zavarov Juve bought as a replacement for Platini. But alas, Alexander the replacement star, the Frenchman did not. Although it managed to win with the Turin team in the UEFA Cup.

Outlook: “Surrey-bol” at first was not to his liking, but over the season the coach and his players got used to each other. Sometimes Juve Surry too academic, and often boring, but he is the main contender for the scudetto: he’s just the strongest in the League personnel resources.

Juventus after losing the Italian Cup will try to win at Bologna. The victory of the team of Maurizio Sarri give 1.53.

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