Blogger Varlamov: No sooner had the people out from isolation, both on the streets of Moscow tanks went

The Russians after the quarantine was not interested in the Victory parade on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the end of world war II. This opinion was expressed by Russian blogger Ilya Varlamov.

“In Moscow traffic jam, the streets are full of people, more than usual in June. In the summer Moscow is dying, people are leaving, but this year is special. Sometimes I think I came sober at the end of the party. People have already you’re tripping and begins to speak for life. And you in the suit. The events of recent months remind me of this party. No sooner had the people to emerge from isolation, as the streets went tanks. Began to emerge in Moscow life trying to drive back over the fence. I go in the just opened cafe and do not understand that in my city the streets make the tanks. Especially they look clumsy after two months, we talked about how important it is to save every life,” wrote Varlamov in his Instagram.

He reminded that the 75th anniversary of the Victory in Russia would become the main holiday of the year 2020, but the plans were upset by a coronavirus.

“Now there is little interest in Winning. People are confused, it is not clear what will happen next. [Russian President Vladimir] Putin has written an article about the Second world war. It would seem that the President of Russia writes an article wants to say something important. But no one is listening. Do not discuss,” – said the blogger.

He said that because of the parade rehearsal in Moscow closed underground passages.

“Why the parade is put cancer a huge city? Why not conduct training during isolation, when the city was empty? The speaker of the First channel talks about the new missiles, which have no analogues a potential enemy. In concept I have to experience the rush of patriotism, but you’re confused,” added Varlamov.

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