Biden loses support of the electorate, the ranking of trump poll

Support the Vice President of the United States, the presumptive nominee for President from the Democratic party Joe Biden among Americans is declining. This is evidenced by the results presented may 5 the sociological survey conducted by Ipsos at the request of the Agency Reuters.

The study showed that Biden in the elections are ready to support 43% of registered voters, and his likely opponent, incumbent President Donald trump – 41%.

Thus, the chances of both candidates to win are almost equal – the difference between them is within the statistical error.

In a similar survey last week, Biden was ahead of trump by six percentage points and in the survey, which was conducted from 15 to 21 April, eight percentage points. At the end of April, according to the survey by Ipsos/Reuters, rating Biden was 47%, and trump’s 39%.

The Agency noted that because of the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine, the former Vice-President forced to carry out a presidential campaign from his home in Delaware, while trump is in the center of media attention because it provides regular briefings about the pandemic. In the end of the surveyed Americans believe that trump will cope better with the pandemic and creating jobs than Biden.

The survey was carried out on the Internet the 4th and 5th of may. It was attended by 1215 people, including 1015 registered voters. The statistical error does not exceed 3%.

The U.S. presidential election scheduled for 3 November. The main battle for the White house traditionally conducted between the candidates of the two major political forces of the States: the Democratic and Republican parties. Democrats will almost certainly introduce Biden (all of his rivals have already dropped out of the race), Republicans – trump.

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