Bentley decided to recreate Blower is one of the most iconic sports cars of the 1920-ies

Bentley has decided to revive old. As part of an ambitious project Continuation Series engineers Atelier Bentley Mulliner, specializing in the implementation of private orders, I decided to recreate one of the most iconic sports cars, the Team Blower of 1929, designed by the famous British racing driver 1920-ies Tim Birkin. It is expected that within two years to manually collect 12 cars.

Again not to “reinvent the wheel”, the experts Mulliner literally on the cogs dismantled the surviving supercar, had their 3D scanning and created a digital model of the car. To manufacture twelve sets of parts will be used press-forms preserved from the 20-ies of the last century.

Some of the parts are already starting to do, including the engine, turbo, chassis, housing made of ash, fuel tank, mirror, Nickel plated radiator, leaf spring suspension and levers.

The Bentley in the near future will begin assembling the prototype of a series of Blower – “Car Zero”. On the agenda – bench tests of the engine. It is worth noting that all 12 copies have been sold, as “Car Zero” will be unveiled this fall.

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