Belshina – Dinamo-Brest – 0:3. Text broadcast of the match

The Championship Of Belarus. 7-th round.

“Belshina” – “Dinamo-Brest” – 0:3

Yasyukevich (12, own goal), gordeychuk (52), Laptev (63)

Veretilo (6), Painters (30) – Kislyak (30), Pavlovets (46)

“Belshina”: Tibilov, Greek, Kuchinsky, Yasyukevich, Adeoba (Nivaldo, 56), Salanovich, Glebko (Salimov, 60), Bordukov, Bashilov, Painters, Kovel (Barkovskaya, 75)

Stock: Turnock, Kirilov, Pisco, Skoblikov, Races, Bezhonov

“Dinamo-Brest”: Pavlyuchenko, Kiki, Pavlovets (E. Shevchenko, 80), Veretilo, Noyok, Kislyak, Yuzepchuk, Sawicki, Milevsky (Bulls, 73), Gordeychuk, Laptev (Sadowski, 76).

Stock: Ignatovich, Lotus

The Spartak Stadium (Babruysk, Belarus)



92 mins After a free kick Noyok struck a low shot from 30 metres-ti – Kharitonovich in the fall caught the ball.

90 mins the Referee added 3 minutes.

89 min TIME! Sawicki went one on one with the President, but failed to beat goalkeeper!

85 mins Painters effectively broke in the fall through from the centre of the box Dynamo. In the hands of Pavlyuchenko.

83 minutes the home team controlled the ball.

81 mins Barkovsky inaccurate shot from outside the penalty area.

80 mins Substitution at Dinamo Brest. Instead of Pavlovets came on the pitch for Shevchenko.

76 min Substitution at Dinamo Brest. Instead Lapteva came to the field Sadowski.

75 mins Substitution at Belshina. Instead of Kovel on the left Barkovsky.

73 min Substitution at Dinamo Brest. Instead Milevskyy came on the pitch for the Bulls.

72 mins Nivaldo fell in the penalty area Dynamo, the referee’s whistle remained silent.

70 min the Game is in the midfield.

67 min Failed attack Belshina.

65 mins After a cross from a free-kick Greek a little bit not reached the ball.

63 mins COOOLLL!!! 0:3!!! After a canopy with angular Tibilov wrong exit, and the ball bounced to Laptev, who shot gate!

60 mins Substitution at Belshina. Instead Glebko took the field Salimov.

56 min Substitution at Belshina. Instead of Odaiba took the field Nivaldo.

54 min. After discounts Gordeychuk Milevskiy struck the goalpost.

52 min. COOOLLL!!! 0:2!!! Gordeychuk left burst into the penalty area placed on the backswing beat the opponent and shot into the far corner!

49 min the Game is in the midfield.

46 min. Pavlovets downed opponent near the corner of the penalty area Dynamo.



45 minutes the Referee added 1 minute.

44 min. During a corner kick Dinamo the referee for a foul in attack.

43 min. of Odaiba provide medical assistance.

42 min. Attack Belshina ended inaccurate shot from outside the penalty area.

39 min. the Players Belshina actively engaged in offensive action.

37 min: Two corners taken by the home team – no shots on goal.

35 min. MOMENT! Kuchinsky in the centre of the box Dynamo removed his opponent and struck Roman in the fall hit the ball!

34 min. Failed attack Belshina.

30 min. Maliarova and Kislyak.

29 mins Noyok was on the lawn, the referee’s whistle remained silent. For partner revenge Kislyak, roughly sroussi player Belshina.

27 min. Salanovich effectively beat the opponent on the left flank, sent the ball further but not managed to catch up with the round projectile.

24 min Corner kick placed nearly led to a sharp counterattack of the home team.

21 minutes In the midfield in the game.

19 min. After a canopy with angular Laptev’s head struck the crossbar.

16 min. Kovel’s head struck lightly in the hands of Pavlyuchenko.

15 minutes Guests are in control of the ball.

12 min. COOOOLLL!!! 0:1!!! After a canopy from the right flank of the attack Dynamo Laptev made the offer, and yasyukevich knee deflected the ball into his own net! However, the announcer scorer Lapteva.

10 min Kovel from the right corner of the penalty area struck lightly in the hands of Pavlyuchenko.

8 min. Attack Belshina ended with a kick and Pavlyuchenko played reliably.

6 min Veretilo for rough play.

5 min. the Game is in the center of the field in these minutes.

2 min Blue-white immediately seized the advantage.

1 minutes of the First attack by the visitors ended inaccurate blow Lapteva.



On Sunday, the 3rd of may, will take place the match of the seventh round of the Higher League of Belarus, where the “Belshina” will host “Dinamo-Brest”. The match will take place in Bobruisk at the “Spartak” stadium, beginning at 14:00 Kyiv time.

The reigning champion of Belarus extremely unsuccessfully spent the opening segment of the new Belarusian championship. “Dinamo-Brest” is at the bottom of the standings, and the match of the national tournament “blue-white” lost. Slightly sweetened “the Dynamo” the bitterness of poor results in the final of the Cup of Belarus. In the confrontation with the “Belshina” “blue-white” are required to produce the maximum result, because the team from Bobruisk had not yet won a single victory and occupies the last place in the standings. will text broadcast of the match “Belshina” – “Dinamo-Brest”.


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