BEH-TA ROMANCHUK Mykhailo ROMANCHUK: Zavdyaki quarantine mi putora time of the month

Maryna Bekh-and Romanchuk Mykhailo Romanchuk wapuli on zapitannya kids s socalo-SPORTIVNO school Fund real Madrid. Wisla scave motivacin interv Yu z spanou couple — athlete and swimmer. Sportsmen raskazali about those Yak perejivayut quarantine namagayutsya renovatia. Marina rospoli about planning travel on the vidpochinok and Michael SANASA, chomu same ubola for “Shakhtar”.

Before cob sustr mi rospoli athletes about the pledge: “Our school today yea odnu s nycrama SQL Urope, after mi , predstavnicima Fund real Madrid. TSE socalo-sports school for dtoc for RSNA social verst population. Today I maєmo tak three lokas – TSE Ternopil, Khmelnytsky that RPG.

Yak usually you are prohodyat dni weekend links? Scho VI robite?
Marina: weekend links always maintained actively, that is always Vedema scho taqiy method of life, always trenovane, and the fact vidnik also namahage not just ledorubami. Ti want, do not want, and VSTS I had something of robes. Actively gulamo.

Chi umovah quarantine of zmensene your number trenovane Chi VI simply just have quarter znajshli shte bilshe points de sobi is possible to do improove Sportivo hall?
Marina: of Course, number of trenovane not Taka Yak as. TSE POV this is not lachey s Tim scho at once quarantined, and s vdme Olimpijskih Igor, that was moved to nastupny year. Ale skazati, scho mi just need for quarter, never got. Mi zhivemo private sector, we have private adobes. Navkolo a large territory with the garden. Also literally perehodil the road — what a great forest. That mi duzhe bagato conducted an hour on vulitsi: in Ls bhamo, gulamo. Mi nkoli can just DW Godin on LSU the ghouls, nasomaculatus nature.

You s a Mikhailov nazivajut nekrasovskoy pair sportsmen. Mi znamo scho you Bula the special history of znayomstvo. VI poznakomilis on mahannah?
Marina: – Mi poznakomilis school in 2011 year on unecko-olympiska festival. General sche Buli dtime. Vzhe potim and 2016 year at Olimpiskij grah mi znovu sustris.

VI could booty an artist?
Marina: So. I vzagali to 10 years lived in a small Seli, where I Narovlya. The I vzhe after, Yak moï farther smugly pridbati zhitlo in MST, mi smogli to Demba perekati. I Bula 5 class, I Uchitel scultori, that viladas at Seli, he said vdras meni scho meni need vddate section legco athletics. If I prichala in Misto, I came to school I judonia hotle takozh yourself probuvati have easy athletic. I prishla on lig athletics that potrapila to coach at VC. Passed to Demba in rayon two tiinv, not more. Nestlike meni not spodobalosya! He vdras throwing in the group to vsih Ducat, yaki vzhe dostatno so dovgenko renovalia, and mi, Nowacki, robili VSI in navantazhennya. Ditin 10 years, respectively, for nastupny day won proceduresa all “crater”, TSE duzhe not spodobalosya. I just stopped the walks.

And after a year vzhe miy coach nabira group for kids. Uchitel fizkulturi vzhe in MSCI skol VW miy class, there has Boule z NSIH class dtki on vdduv sama for this reason sects to my coach, and I Hale in parallel hudong school. It so happened, that I missed the lesson. I zi psla help our defenders class in the section legco athletics. Mi spent trenovane, after yakogo to me pdiow miy coach and said, meni scho obov’yazkovo renovates. Push stroke the rock VIN having gone putora for me n atah, come up to me in school I seemed scho ti guilty of the walks, not propositi.

You razgledi…
Marina Wisla scho so.

Yak TSE Bulo Patna?
Marina: – Mi robili spetsialni provocatively right, that mi Nikonov skin day do in their ronments. Yea so the right thing Yak vostrebovana up if ti maximum z ODN nice stowage up. Coach devise for WSM dtcaj. Mi right robili po chers order schob VIN mg oceniti konu ditinu. Demba stood bilya has one young coach I said he I be surprised to Qiu Duchenko. Have me blowing a good stop. Won of Buda Garneau stributi.

Chi which is very convenient for you walks on pdrorg?
Marina: – Naprawd, Hodge duzhe rdquo. , walks which is very convenient truski not in contact’yazku s Tim scho in mene duzhe visokiy pdiam scope. I it turns, if adages pabari, then vdtuv yourself duzhe uncomfortable. Buuut tak Holy, in yakih it Buti on pdbio.

I then athlete vyklyuchaetsya I perevorota to klasicnu top model.
Marina: So.

Yak VI trenutni? Scho sama VI doskonale postijno? In order dwellers Garneau th far stributi, You just need to ‘ suspended stributi?
Marina: Hi. Naprawd strizki to Domino TSE – duzhe folding techni blowing. I Yogo skladnosti polega not only in technz, and in fact, what we have Pavin Buti duzhe rsement trenomania. For example, now have less of Bazovy period and usually we nestlike rsement trenovane scho sobi VI, naut, Wapiti can’t.

I want dwellers VI about TSE rospoli, Bo zvichayniy people TSE vazhko understand…
Marina: – Mi Panama force, ie mi Panama rod. Mi s drugima her. We need Ob m strebkova. Oskolki mi of tribune to Domino not just streamo. Mi Robina rsement right, that mi nazywam swoops, jumps, ie TSE all vikonta on trav bagato vdxtosvg. For trenovane it turns to 300 vdxtosvg. That is 300 times stop guilty sustri the surface.

Mi pdimage our riven vicriviroc. I trenovane bhau 150, 300 meters warski. And if perehodim to zagalnogo period bhamo short vastan a maximum of 100 meters, and vzimku TSE vzagali 60 meters. Respectively, if mi vzhe Qiu entire robot was probabily, mi has bhamo z bar Rami on Ritmo: Standart, that bhaut bar Risti on mahannah, and z rsnow rasstanovka 7.80, 12.50, 16 next znovu 7.80, ie RSN number of steps in order dwellers better accuvote pace. Rsni temp depreciable, that mi nicorettegum in our roshu.

Vzhe after, if mi problema axis Taku base, mi Qiu database povinn rozbrat. Lately duzhe friends iz a sprint pads. I vzimku startovala 60 meters dostatno naporano, ale hotelosj bi better. Mi stamo in pads, TSE all rosemo Qiu shvidki, I lachey after tsofirst and zachodnio in sector I Pacino in sector bhati Rosby.

Ie if ti does not Saklaw Qiu base , don’t rosga, meni osobisto of zahoditi in the sector, navti, the Sens don’t got, that scho Buda nestlike accne vikonannya rosbo. Yakscho ti budesh Yogo techno wykonujace, respectively not tak bude wbhost, vcscommand, phase polotu, prizemleniya. That is all Tenna skladova not tilki od saleit on skilki ti depreciates techno vzhe in zagalnogo period and Yak ti pdiow same to tsogo zagalnogo period. TSE taqiy kropki processes, yaky vzhe Patni then, if je result.

I do divulsa, Yak Momo coach viscacha Fantas skin rock schos Nova pridumyvat, enter something Novinka, scavenge in our trenomania. In order dwellers of dodati in rezultat, brought experimentati schos pridumyvat, rogatica, razvivatsa not only Sotho in svom vid and wykonujace factual bagato vidv legco athletics.

Now curiously to know story mikhayla, yaky MAV bootie in light athletic and apenisa in plavan. Yak so vabulas?
– Michael: To me Tato coach z legco athletics. He always mrav about those dwellers Yogo Shin CCB klassnim athlete. 6 years farther spitali, where I want piti, in the Yak section, that scho athletics — TSE more PSNI kind of sport. There pochinayut about 12 – 13 years, and plavannya bocinas z 6 years. 6 years less than recorded on the section plavannya to my coach. Of course, after the skin zakonchena season I’m always having gone to trenovane to Tata. I’m always trenovane s vltk him. Skin lta, TSE Bulo to 14 years, if I vikona the standard master of sports, and then Tato zrozum scho athlete s mene, surely, will not.

Chi Boule TAC of moment, if VI rosumo scho opuskayutsya hands, not vdaєtsya schos, scho results not TAC, that b VI accualy y said “that hi, I will better myself probuy in Comus Homo”?
Mykhailo: – Naprawd, probuvati yourself in Comus Homo vzhe psno. Right not VC, and in fact scho I vddw plavinu 18 years. I now go to ACIS a different kind of sport — TSE required all pasinati z zero.

And if not a sport? Acbi TSE Bulo something other?
Mykhailo: I prihilny Taco Dumka, scho yakscho vzhe ti pocas, then need to do Yogo accno th to CNCA.

Chi bagato od chogo you go vdevices? Perhaps, if CCB palmcove, children’s world period?
Mykhailo: I bagato od chogo Vdovina. If vzhe poculica two trenovane a day, TSE Bulo in 4th Chi 5th class, but rankove trenovane Bulo at 6-6:30 the wound. Tato vdodu me to the pool. Mi Isle PSCI, we do not Bulo automoble, bus Nikoli did not go. In winter in cold Tato prevodov me at the pool that powercase Dodoma. I’m Tsey hour trenovane. After the pool vdras ishow to school. In scal bagato uchitelu otnosilis s rozumny. Tak Bulo, scho I sasina lessons, more vomisa. Not Bulo niyakogo forces niyakogo emotsy something sluchaty. After school I come odrazu Dodoma, wciv Shvidenko lessons that scho Bulo need, take a look around for the vech_rn , trenomania. Vono Bulo Ter ere 5-6 hour of rain in the evening. Come Dodoma on 9th, that bagato from chogo had vdmosfet.

Marina: – Oskolki athletics — PSNI kind of sport, to 14 years but included at one trenovane a day. In MENA CCB a different mode, that scho shte went to judonia school. Three Razi on tyzhden athletics I three Razi on tyzhden I vdduv hudong school. Zranku I Hale to school. After oroku odrazu gala on trenovane and nastupnogo day hudong school. I mene on cars zminyuvati sects. Have VC 14 years, if I zakoncila hudong school mozhna Bulo, take a look around nauchatsya more profesio, but still I profesine obral lig athletics. I after 14 years I profesine pocha zaymatysya sports. In such uz mene Bulo Lito, vidpochinok I skazati, scho Bula I obdlink Paltaniemi rozvalni, this is not Bulo. From 15 years of mi vzhe pocha sdite at Zborov. On SBR priedieu reserve. Big sberna de Boule VSI direct VCU. If at Zborov 70-80 people, we roswag mizh trenovane vistacare. T. znahoditsya have swoa kolektiv, that zimasa sports. I’m pam I remember TSI rocky Boule really Chudov, that scho Stili on sbore to Yalta. March, April Buli at Zborov.

Mykhailo: – Life at Zborov soul strongly Varanasi from life in the home. If I zdiv on sbore, then my life radically varzeas. Of course, trenovane Franz, wicher, but not Bulo school. Zavdyaki mam, Yak , vchitelka I s her on the phone wcisa.

Chi Bulo tak schos, scho Bulo for you incentive? Umove Cauchi, if ti nasty ZANU QWERTY, then between Zboriv have in your city it not Buda or Buda plavannya?

Marina – Hi. Vzagali.

Mykhailo: – Hi. This is not Bulo. Mene CCB incentive likely to do the lessons dwellers piti on trenomania. Mom meni have vsomu dopomagala, that scho saw, naskolko I love I gorw CIM view of the sport. Mene all vihodila. I in the hour Patrica batkiv Bula neimovirna.

Chi rosumo VI ere that hour, scho to, dwellers Buti schaslivym, happy Nadal you Yak the other half need obov’yazkovo pay the athlete?

Marina: That hi. I don’t think scho htos s us about Takeo zadumyvatsya.

Mykhailo: – If ti Krutitsa skin of the day, all his life in sport.

Marina: – I think, General sniti to scho lyudin s not sport duzhe vazhko. Tom scho VSI two znaim, s yakimi ti splass – TSE people to the sport. All one b ti znayshov Ladino sports Taka, Yak ti.

VI as duzhe often devel idealise. You have a Boule tak Perelli scho VI is not bacilica mesyatsami. Yak now?

Mykhailo: – Zaraz mi vzhe putora msata time, you quarantine.

Marina: – TSE taqiy plus, that mi beremo s quarantine.

Over Chim VI zrazy pracuje? VI Gottes to Olimpijskih Igor?

Mykhailo: – Skazati, scho gomoa — TSE duzhe hard, that scho not got stadol hi, hi pools.

Marina: So, of course.

Mykhailo: – TSE always the priority skin of the athlete, ale treba razumeti, at a time scho TSE duzhe hard, that scho vzhe I putora of the month without the pool I pubertatis to Demba bude neimovirna hard. Vdst povnistyu vdott VOD. Fichna pagacova, perhaps, have salicylici on that run, zavdyaki fact, that I at once trenza more on land. In Ls bhau, ale Mauger NDO not samnite water.

Chomu VI is not trenutni on vgcreate WOD?

Mykhailo: – Not spre temperature, ale zaraz to roblet gdacolumn, in yakih mozhna vistupali on vgcreate VOD +16 – +18 degrees. It razumeti ale, scho ti vodoemy on yakih basically maintained zmahannya, the stench lansin, g perevet on water quality. And vibrate najblizsze the lake, I think, bude Scalia for health. Wrong temperature water, if ti vagas gdacolumn, and the Yak itself the temperature on vulitsi. Zaraz +12, +13 degrees school duzhe cold.

VI sobi can dozvoliti na Mori Chi Busan just polejati th depositi? Chi odrazu shadoe scho VI plavec I, tahtaci from the water, Vie odrazu private distance?

Mykhailo: – After our well, vdras on nastupny day, mi paheli docility on MALDI. The I vzhe pid kinets our dochenku Marinka went navkolo of the island, and I Plava.

Yak VI General VI love docility? In order dwellers otkluchit mozok, tlo. That method of relaxation for you naybilsh pridumannyj?

Marina: – Postijno codes hate schos devices, the ghouls, podorozhali. Mi docilely on Tenerfe, Stili vsogo on week. For the entire week on the beach in som mi Boule 3 years. An active CCB vidpochinok: that mi Boule in the Park, the zoo, the e pahali Gori digitise, you bohali at the volcano, then Ding. Mi Yak zranku Virgili, then got up about 7 – 8 so I povertaysya about 7 – 8.

If mi sedili on MALDI, we say “khudi date?”. “TSE W pasivni vidpochinok. You can’t wee there!”

Mykhailo: – W 10 dniv scho there mi Boule, mi one day only lying down.

Marina: – In contact’yazku s Tim scho CCB Nestle hot day, Bulo odne bazhannia — TSE just chomatis pid conditioning. And mi postijno Buli here: you kayak on Sabah on daivingu. TSE CCB Postini movement. Yakscho ti postijno pasivni, lnvi, ti posudi going pasivni, lnvi, if an active ti, then ti snides itself Chim sainati. Mi duzhe Garneau spent there an hour. Duzhe actively docile.

What are Robit will VI, if VI zakonchite Sportivo car ru? De VI bachite yourself vzhe after, Yak sportsmen zrobiti high, VI will designate vsih quiet rezultatu, that Mogilev. Shcho Dali?

Mikhaylo – So Yak mi vzhe talked scho athlete nazavzhdi salesas athlete.


Mykhailo: – Sport – TSE not tilki coaching. Yea duzhe bagato RSNA galuzey. Buti can sportivnym Manager or Manager in sports brand. Yea duzhe bagato variations. You can vgcreate his SPORTIVNO privato school. Duzhe bagato , napramku, where you can rogatica. Znamo odne, scho bude sure this is from contact sports.

Chi ye you domaln of animals?
Mykhailo: – Duzhe bagato.

Marina: – we Kishka, kit, two little dog Kishka in box, kit on vulitsi. Kit SLDC order navkolo box. Two the dog. One in babus little I other agter our courier. Yogo call Dark. Often poblem s him in stogram video.

Kudi VI b hotel poletti?

Mykhailo:– Naprawd, duzhe bagato kudi mi hocemo palette. In the first cargo on Bal.

Marina: I’m so hotla palette on Bal, and s CIM quarantine…

Mykhailo: – VSI Plagne duzhe Smylie I Bal including. Next hocemo to do a tour of Tal. Won the Yak meni, so I Marinz duzhe podobala.

Marina: – Mi just zrozumilo scho tudi hate two dni vzagali not got the sense. It hate to be called a few more days in odne Misto.

Mykhailo: – Duzhe bagato people, yakih RSN relishes. We Vdoh duzhe spodobavsya Rome. Duzhe garne Misto.

Marina: –Duzhe want to Postano pahati. Yea there are many nestlike desavigny MSCI scho hotels just to do such a tour, all podivitis. Hotelosj bi pahati to America on vsih States podivitis many of Chudova MSCI. I dream pobachiti canyon. For me Taka shte little dream. General je duzhe bagato such MSCI. Want poterpite in Amsterdam then, if cut roses Paradise garden. Want poterpite to Japan then, if CVA Sakura. Want pobachiti wonders smenyayutsya yaki, yaki buuut in pevny of ACIS period.

Mykhailo: – Tsey list neimovirna great.

Marina: I think scho in your life need podivitis world, especially yakscho ti MES Hoch small mozliwosci on the TSE.

Yak Peremoga Bula nivico?

Mykhailo: – Skin Peremoga what niveau. Tom scho duzhe bagato Vladas in ne Pratsi, Seeley, inspiration, duzhe bagato Chim gertus. Of course, skin Peremoga datsa neimovirna hard. Not got such Peremoga, that dawalia bi easy.

Marina – Especially on the European one on swova run. There nestlike high competition!

Mykhailo: – Profesini sports duzhe garstecki. Yakscho ti will not be vikletice on trenovane 100%, then instead of you TSE zrobit tvy supernick, I vzhe in zmaganiach results will dramatically varanytsia.

Acbi not plavannya Chim bi VI SIMULIA? Athletics not pidhodit Yak answer.
Mykhailo: – Naprawd, TSE duzhe taike power. Surely, sukau bi yourself in Comus Homo. At once just not mozhu of Wapiti, navti dwellers TSE could bee bootie. Duzhe hard a maintain a themselves in yakos Homo vid sport.

Yak Your job? Although I Rozum, scho Yak time plavannya I athletics TSE vzhe , ” Heb.

Mikhaylo – So. TSE job together with work.

I prystrasti in it 100%. Scho shte VI in it love are Robit? Perhaps, VI V agate ABO VI Simes decoupage, perhaps you je Pasika?

Mykhailo: – Pascu we duzhe Hoca Marina.
Marina: Not Pasco. I want slogo single beehive.

Mykhailo: – Zaraz mi duzhe bagato need to Ls. Mi can drenovica, come Dodoma, truski depositi, povecherii. I using deaky hour znovu piti on pogulyanka the oldest in the forest.

VI doval otkrit people I easily splices. Ale thus you the best view dochenku — TSE bude all the same Lis Chi TSE guchen company s music?

Marina: – In the case of Momo exactly Lis.

Chi ye you scalep swicki?

Marina: – Mabuchi scho Solodkin tilki Ob stisa. TSE if zakonchilsa season. Can dozvoliti sobi rasslabitsya.

The Yak zmahannya sapam achalasia nails?

Mykhailo: – To me by far the world championship in Budapest. Clubbing three in ye country, that zooplus plavannya – TSE Agordina, Italy and UK. Take vrazhennya scho plavannya – TSE people’s view of the sport from them. If mi bulls CHempionat world have Budapest, then EMI just zashkalivalo. TSE Boule namber zmahannya. TSE Bula my first Svea medal. Zmahannya Buli nestlike widowiska, krasnimi, crucini, emacine scho TSE words hard peredati. TSE one point, after yakogo wants to rotate back into the sport. TSI vdott not perhaps peredati words, I yakscho ti vdtuv h once, wants accuvote h all bilshe I bilshe.

Chi podobala you football? Chi – ACS ulubelen the club?

Mikhaylo – So. I love football I vbolal for “Shakhtar” in mene duzhe bagato znajomych there. Bagato s Kim splqueue I patrimoni contact to so pewno I sklerose. Tato miy vbolal for “Shakhtar” as I ubola at a time. Pewno scho so iz pokolinnja in pokolinnya.

Chi paternite VI Takeo formowania scho sport dozvoliv you just vgcreate myself I pobachiti Tsey Svit? Without sport TSE Bulo b digit voice. Sport Prinz from your life are many of mozhlivosti?

Marina: of Course, so.

Mykhailo: – of Course, that scho zavdyaki sport mi dsnames duzhe bagato new. Mi I podorazhalo are many, many bacimo have in. Not so many, Yak hotelosj bi, that scho if ti priggish on zmahannya, hour not VISTech. Bachish tilki swimming pool, stadium I the hotel.

Marina: – Duzhe RDCO what it tak. In less than what it is, what ti within the day prelates to start. So, scho ti PrimeTV, you have the day dochenku I lachey then ti starts. So I sdela in Rome at the start, then I zmogla Rome podivitis. And if so what it is scho sogodni PrimeTV ti I ti starts tomorrow, then of course, ti nichogo podivitis can’t. Tom scho ti PrimeTV. Dine scho ti hochesh – TSE truski depositi, prosentes, budgetoffice to start. All.

– Hotlos dwellers VI Dali shte bilshe inspiration I motivat our ucny, that scho dtki we have skol from 6 to 17 years. That TSE people, yaki mozhut I come to lig athletics, and mozhut yourself to sniti I in Comus Homo. Motivate for schob stench pereonality scho zavdyaki sports stink mozhut booty maslivka, uspshnomu I realthyme.

Mykhailo: – Naprawd sport – TSE not tilki sport high designing. Athlete can Buti I as a candidate have maistri sports, mystrom sport. Sports first cargo navca you Buti zisprasidone, strong, square, will wirewalk, duzhe bagato Acosta, yaki mozhna pereltsvaig.

Marina: – Formosa strong character. Buda osobistosti itself sobi strong. Sport zaharovu, acbi there is not Bulo. Besides vsogo ti live Pro-active way of life, years of health, tvy organsm working SOSM in Homo regim. Yakscho ti really dosages chogos blogo – TSE, of course, travel, the athletes znayomstvo zi z NSIH countries. TSE EMI, that Nikoli not smoge vdcti another. Tom scho EMI Peremogi Chi General jogos there Domagnano, its mast osobisty result Chi national record, record Urope, the world record — TSE all EMOS just fantastic.

Mykhailo: – Tak mozhut Buti once in it I all. I came second, I hvalina, TSI EMI sapam Attica Tobi for all of life.

Socalo-sports school Fund real Madrid for DTAC brand RSNA social verst population. Today , a three lokas – TSE Ternopil, Khmelnytsky that RPN.

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