Became known the calendar for the rest of the NBA season

National basketball Association (NBA) presented the official calendar of the resumption of the championship.

The championship will return on July 30 the match “new Orleans Pelicans” — “Utah the jazz”.

Games will be held in Orlando.

Each of the 22 teams will spend from 4 to 6 matches, then it will be known mesh of the playoffs of the NBA.

The matches will be played at three sites on a daily basis. Some games will take place in parallel.


30 Jul
“Utah” — “New Orleans”
The Lakers — Clippers
31 Jul
“Brooklyn” — “Orlando”
Portland — Memphis
“Washington” — “Phoenix”
“Milwaukee” — “Boston”
“San Antonio” — “Sacramento”
“Dallas” — “Houston”
1 Aug
“Denver” — “Miami”
“Oklahoma” — “Utah”
“Clippers” — “New Orleans”
“Indiana” — “Philadelphia”
“Toronto” — “Lakers”
2 Aug
“Brooklyn” — “Washington”
“Boston” — “Portland”
“Memphis” — “San Antonio”
“Phoenix” — “Dallas”
“Houston” — “Milwaukee”
“Orlando”, “Sacramento, CA”
3 Aug
“Miami” — “Toronto”
“Oklahoma” — “Denver”
“Washington” — “Indiana”
“New Orleans” — “Memphis”
“Philadelphia” — “San Antonio”
“Utah” — “Lakers”
4 Aug
“Milwaukee” — “Brooklyn”
“Sacramento” — “Dallas”
“Clippers” — “Phoenix”
“Indiana” — “Orlando”
“Miami” — “Boston”
“Portland” — “Houston”
5 Aug
“Utah” — “Memphis”
“Washington” — “Philadelphia”
“San Antonio” In Denver”
“Lakers” — Oklahoma
“Orlando” — “Toronto”
“Boston” — “Brooklyn”
6 Aug
“Sacramento” — “New Orleans”
“Phoenix” — “Indiana”
“Milwaukee” — “Miami”
“Dallas” — “Clippers”
“Denver” — “Portland”
“Houston” — “Lakers”
7 Aug
“San Antonio” — “Utah”
“Memphis” — “OK”
“Brooklyn” — “Sacramento”
“Philadelphia” — “Orlando”
“New Orleans” — “Washington”
“Toronto” — “Boston”
8 Aug
Portland — Clippers
“Denver” — “Utah”
“Indiana” — “Lakers”
“Miami” — “Phoenix”
“Dallas” — “Milwaukee”

Earlier it was reported that the playoffs will start on August 18.

The start of the season 2020/21 is scheduled for December 1, 2020, the year.

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