Bayern Munich is the main favorite of the Champions League. The flick has created the perfect machine

It argued that the German League is so weak that the championship “Bavaria” guaranteed before the start of the season. But, actually, it is not so. To this day, remains five Bundesliga clubs in European competition, and the average level of the League grows every year. But wins anyway “Bavaria”. In spite of everything. But not because of the fact that any other weak. Just “rekordmeister” is too strong. Perhaps the most powerful in all of Europe.

Let us remember the pivotal moment of the season for Bayern, which led to the eighth championship in a row, and also a little look into the future.

Bayern have played only one newcomer, but that was enough

In fact, Bayern failed summer transfer campaign. 80 million Luke Hernandez more than half the season spent in the infirmary, Philippe Coutinho and Ivan Perisic not impressed, and after the completion of the season will return to the clubs, where you belong. The feasibility of transfer Michael Cusanza will be a mystery to scientists for several years.

FC Bayern. Benjamin Pavard

Expectations met only Benjamin Pavard. The Frenchman is fit to play Bayern, performing the same functions as in the French team. In Stuttgart it persistently put in the center of defense, but his strongest hand, he reveals it on the right flank.

It is the transfer Pavara can be called decisive, because he is allowed to return to their position Josua Kimmich. In the face of the pupil of the Stuttgart Bayern got the best Central midfielder of Germany, which the team lacked after the departure of Bastian Schweinsteiger. Kimmich is the ideal box to box that performs a tremendous amount of work in each third of the field. On account Joshua already 3 goals, 7 assists, and the accuracy of the transmission is 90%. Fantastic performance, which would not be so important, had he the right to be protected.

The defeat against Hoffenheim was the starting point

As paradoxical as it may sound, but without the loss of points would not be the championship “Bavaria”. The fact that 1:2 from “the Hoff” was just after the resounding victory of 7:2 against Tottenham in the Champions League. This defeat has shaken the confidence of the leadership of “Bavaria” in the correctness of stay of Niko Kovac as the head coach. Next was a draw with the “Augsburg” (2:2), humiliation on the field “Eintracht” (1:5) and the resignation of the Croat.

What happened next, and all so well know. Come Hansi flick, who reminded everyone about the incredible “Bavaria” in the name of Jupp Heynckes.

A series of injuries and the first victory over “Borussia” D (4:0)

Twitter Of Bavaria. Alfonso Davis

The proverbial case where there would be no happiness, Yes the misfortune has helped. Injuries to Niklas Sule and Hatches Hernandez forced flick to put in the centre of defence, David Alaba, and in its place left a nominal striker Alfonso Davis.

Very unexpectedly, this move worked in the game with our archrivals – they just smeared “bees”. To change something already made no sense, so Bayern went on to play in the same key.

Factor Joshua Searchsee

Twitter Of Bavaria. Joshua Searchsee

The boy, which until the start of the season nobody heard anything, suddenly became one of the main characters of “Bavaria”. Yes, 19-year-old Dutchman scored only 4 goals, but no! In the match against Freiburg, which is steadily falling to 1:1, Searchsee came at the last minute and the first touch brought the team three points. The same thing was repeated in the next match against Wolfsburg, when the “wolves” until the 89th minute kept a 0-0 draw. Amazingly, on the first two goals in the Bundesliga Searchsee took three minutes!

You can call it coincidence, but can be considered somehow a stroke of genius flick. But the fact is that without those outlets to replace Thinksee title race still would have continued. And not the fact that she would have ended with the victory of “Bavaria”.

Loss of points Borussia D out of the blue

The current Borussia Dortmund are not particularly weaker than Bayern, but Lucien Favre’s too late moved to the 3-4-3 scheme that balanced the team in all areas. Prior to that Dortmund managed to play a draw with the “Paderborn” (3:3), to seal the victory over the “RB Leipzig” (3:3), leading 3:1 in the course of the game, and also scoring an own goal in the last seconds against Freiburg (2:2) and “Eintracht” (2:2). It’s these four loss points Borussia D have become key in the title race. It is significant that they all happened in the first half of the season.

So you are right, those who are not in a hurry to dismiss Lucien favr. It really solved a number of problems already in the course of the season, but just it was too late. Bayern by the time he scored a crazy move.

Now Bayern Munich is the main favorite of the Champions League

Frankly, those teams left in the Champions League, can identify only three who really can impose the “Bavaria” competition: man city, real Madrid and PSG. One of them will fly out on the 1/8 final, and the Parisians since March are without match practice. Atlético? These games are like at Anfield once a season. The second time such not prokatit. Certainly not with Bayern.

Of course, there is also Juventus, but he is very much inferior to Bayern in command speed, and the dependence on Cristiano Ronaldo too obvious.

The only thing that does not speak in favor of the “Bavaria” is that the whole month of July she will remain without game practice. Of course, it will hold several friendly matches, but they are known top-level not replace.

Bayern have got a perfectly balanced team in all lines, the coach, from which delighted all of Europe, as well as the main contender for the “Golden ball”-2020 Robert Lewandowski. All stars for the second in the history treble agreed. The main thing is not to deviate from the chosen course.

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