Bayern – Freiburg. Forecast and announcement on match of the championship Germany

The Munich “Bavaria” in the match against Freiburg will be at the champion level. For two rounds before the end championship German Grand designed the conquest of another, the eighth consecutive title. However, in the current season of the long-suffering fans of the “Reds” had to experience different emotions. Last autumn the team was in a fever, which led to the resignation of Niko kovač. Bayern is headed by Hans-Dieter flick, who led Bayern to the goal.

German Bundesliga the first of the top clubs decided to resume the national championship and at the end of may the question of the future winner of the tournament was almost removed. “Bavaria” in their confrontation with their arch-rival Borussia Dortmund won thanks to the effective impact of Josua Kimmich. After this doubt in the success of the Munich club have had. And the team of the flick has confidently brought the matter to the early championship, defeating opponent after opponent. Now, red can easily hold two the rest of the tour and preparing for the final of the German Cup and the August Express degrove of the Champions League.

“Freiburg” in the remaining two rounds has a specific task – to win a place granting the right in following season to act in League of Europe. Moreover the team of Christian Strike can get into the qualification for the Euro, and win a direct ticket to the group stage. But at the moment, “Freiburg” is located outside the European zone, just one point behind Hoffenheim and Wolfsburg.

An interesting parallel can be drawn with the upcoming meeting. In 2017, the year in the last round of the Bundesliga have met “Bavaria” and “Freiburg”. Bayern has already wrapped up the League title, and the “Freiburg” fought for a place in the Europa League. The match ended with a confident victory of “Bavaria” with the score 4:1 (goals in the gate “Brazilians of Breisgau” was scored by Robben, Vidal, Ribery and Kimmich). “Freiburg” then took place, allowing you to play in the Europa League, but to directly get to the group stage of the Euro failed.

The head coach of SC Freiburg’s Christian Strik’t counted on the slackness formidable opponent this time. “I congratulate Bayern. They will play in the status of the Champions and, of course, do not want to lose to us at home. They are too professional and ambitious. I really hope we are just as energetic and passionate as the last time,” – said the expert.

Most likely, the match will not be able to attend injured players “Freiburg” Robin Koch and Lukas Kubler. And from the coaching staff, Bayern can expect a rotation, including the appearance in the young players.

In the first round “Bavaria” has beaten “Freiburg” with the score 3:1. They barely pulled out the victory, scoring two goals in injury time.

Approximate compositions:

Bayern: Neuer, Pavard, Boateng, Alaba, Davis, Kimmich, Goretzka, Gnabry, Muller, Coman, Lewandowski.

“Freiburg”: Swallow, Frantz, Gunther, Lienhart, Schmid, Höfler, Grifo, A Memorial Meeting, Heinz, Waldschmidt, Heler.


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