Battle of Ferguson with Geydzhi – better than Habib. There will be more action

The Ferguson fight against Nurmagomedov are expected not only to MMA fans. These guys just have one day to fight. At least because Tony is regarded as a fighter who can beat Habib in this weight.

But if seen from the perspective of quality fights in the octagon, the battle of Ferguson against Justin Geydzhi is a much more colorful event. There will definitely be hot, will missed strikes and, perhaps, unexpected plot twists.

Why again without Habib?

Epic situation with Nurmagomedov to recount the details of no desire, but to briefly describe is. Habib and Ferguson agreed to the fifth (!) once on the encounter. All four previous times they never came to blows.

Dana white, despite the pandemic coronavirus stated that the UFC 249 evening will take place exactly. Then Habib flew to Russia. As he himself said – on the advice of friends. Of course, when the borders are closed, back in the United States is not possible. As Americans come to Nurmagomedov. In the end, UFC President first recently claimed that the battle will be, and then said that it was clear that Habib will meet with Ferguson.

But white does not blame the Russians. According to him, the decision to fly out, logical and correct, and the fight will take place just a little later. Yes, you will need to negotiate for the sixth time, but this is already a usual thing for us.

Nurmagomedov promised that by early summer it will be ready and will come to break everyone. In between these promises, Habib called Ferguson and Conor, a little poselilsya that all the blame was thrown on him and went into the hall. Now waiting for the Russians in the octagon in the summer. The more that the UFC are now going to look often.

Geydzhi – cool?

Justin is one of the most talked about UFC fighters lately. Over the last two years he spent four games: one defeat and three early victories. Lost Geydzhi last April 14, 2018 Dustin Pare technical knockout in the fourth round. Before that it was another defeat too early. If Pore just scored Justin with a series of punches, before Eddie Alvarez caught him with a perfect knee in the clinch in the third round.

Then Geydzhi not lost. He figured in a row with James and Wick, Edson Barboza and Donald Serrone. And, made it super bright. All three flew to a knockout in the first round. The weekend lasted less than half a minute. Barbosa and serron a little longer, but the second round could not get out.

The main feature Geydzhi and gun shots. Their falling hands the real power. Knockout Barboza and is a masterpiece. Justin has caught up long side, and then it was over immediately.

Such success has led to the fact that Justin began to Woo rivals and Habib and Connor, but in the end, to him will meet Ferguson for the ninth of may.

The original situation was to Geydzhi not so positive. He accepted the challenge in less than a month, he had to drive more than ten pounds and ready in a short time to one of the various UFC fighters. Now all positive – Justin there, albeit not perfectly, but enough time to work on physical readiness.

Yes, you will have to do without sparring due to quarantine and developments under a certain opponent, but the main chance Geydzhi not in the tactical chips.

Ferguson ready?

It seems that Tony’s fine. He was preparing to Habib, drove weight, and even made the necessary pounds to previous date when UFC249 canceled due to orders from above and pandemics. If Ferguson does not drive itself loads, then the fight should come out in great shape.

“I don’t care with whom to fight. Just say the name of the opponent, so I can defeat him and provide for his family. I don’t need anything else,” says Tony.

Now Ferguson’s impressive series of 12 wins in a row, and faces rivals, mostly, turn into a bloody mess. Tony’s in great shape – not a threat to anyone. Even for Habib and Geydzhi.

There are fears that Tony, prefer unusual workout and for some reason dropping the weight to date, which is definitely not the fight, maybe just to get pererenan. It’s even worse than not ready enough, because in this case forces of Ferguson may not be enough for all the rounds.

So what’s your favourite?

The bookies Ferguson – favorite. It can be supplied with an average value close to 1.5. On Geydzhi give approximately 2.5-2.8. Whether so it actually? Yes, it is.

Tony in great form should win Geydzhi and even ahead of schedule. Tony is a more diverse fighter. It is beautiful in the front. Works perfectly and elbows beautiful and kicks and hands, good in the clinch. In addition, Ferguson cool on the ground, and can tighten anybody.

Of course, it has enough flaws that may be exploited Geydzhi. Tony is not perfect in defence, and the beat Justin quite a gap in the defense to quickly end the fight without even finishing. Because of this, the match lacks intrigue.

The challenge of Ferguson – not to get myself Geydzhi in the first round, to work on the course and in the pit, and then take Justin after the middle of the battle. The third and fourth round, Geydzhi will lose the sharpness of the shock and the pressure, and Tony will be able to work towards and elbows on the floor.

Justin does need to start quickly and not wait until he will be rolling into battle. His goal is to win the first two rounds, which, incidentally, he told himself. Head, short heavy blows and steady pressure is the key to victory Geydzhi. Of course, this does not mean that even after all this, Justine wins. But the chances will be much greater than if he decides to play with Ferguson in his game for the whole distance.

In any case, this match – a delight for any fan of fighting. No fuss on the canvas, no long struggle. Only exchanges, cutting and active parter in which the course will the sharp elbows of Ferguson.

It will be hot and rich. And the struggle against Habib we still have time to watch.

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