Barcelona – Valencia – 2:0. LIVE

The Spanish La Liga. 29-th round.

Barcelona – Valencia – 2:0

Fathi, 41, Messi, 69 (foams.)

Umtiti, 83, Puig, 84, Langlais, 84 Of Bustinza, 37, Perez, 67, Awesim, 82

Barcelona: Ter Stegen – Firpo, Lengle, Peak (of Umtiti, 73), Roberto (the Semed, 53) Arthur (pooch, 73), Busquets (Vidal 63), Rakitic – Faty (Suarez, 53), Griezmann and Messi.

Subs not used: Neto, Braithwait, de Jong, singing, Collado, Araujo, Manchu.

Leganés: Cuellar – Silva (Rodriguez, 70), Awesim, Taryn, Bustinza Perez, Recio – Erase (Amado, 63), Mesa (Ascale, 46), Ruibal Guerrero (Guido, 70).

Subs Not Used: Soriano, Of Lambo, Navarro, Amaroo, Rosales, Brian Gil, Aviles, Amores.

Referee: Juan Martínez Munuera (Valencia, Spain)

Stadium: Camp Nou (Barcelona, Spain)

 84 mins And then Langlais decided to dismiss Guido with his penalty!

 84 mins Puig yellow card for a foul in the opposition half.

 The 83 min And now Umtiti dangerous came from behind in the legs Amadou on the left flank of defense.

 82 min flagrant foul stopped the breakthrough through the centre of the pitch from Messi Avsim.

82 min the TIME! Giudo pushing defenders in the Central zone in front of the penalty area, and then put a shot near the left post!

81 mins With a penalty kick at a sufficiently acute angle to the gate I decided to turn into the top corner Rakitic. Above.

81 min: free-Kick earned the pooch on the left flank as the result of a visual signal Awashima.

79 min Griezmann is weak and inexact has punched a head after the filing of the Semed from the right flank.

78 min 77% possession for the Catalans.

75 min. the Second drink in our fight.

 73 minutes and REPLACEMENT AT BARCELONA. Ricky Puig came off the bench to Arthur, and the Peak was replaced by Umtiti.

 70 min. replacement of LEGANES. Instead of Silva and Guerrero game complete Rodriguez and Guido.

 69 mins ГГГГГГГГГГГГОООООООООООООЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛ! 699 th goal in his career Messi! The Argentinian shot under the right post with a penalty!

 67 minutes from the PENALTY spot. Yellow card for Perez, who desperately fouls against Messi in midfield, but Leo continued to run, went into the penalty area where the downed clumsy drop Silva!

66 min a SHOT on target! Gol Griezmann was cancelled. We are talking about centimeters.

64 mins ГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГОООООООООООООООЛЛЛЛЛЛЛ! Messi has revealed his transfer left flank for the Semed, after which Nelson’s first touch sent the ball into the centre for Griezmann, who is also in touch sent the ball into the net!

 63 min: SUBSTITUTIONS for BOTH TEAMS. Vidal came on for Busquets, and Amadou was replaced by frickson Erazo.

61 mins Avsim managed to insert a foot under the pass to Suarez in the left side of the penalty area.

58 minutes with Ten men continue Catalans.

56 min. Oh! Assale all my weight came straight to the knee Peak, which flattened his opponent with a sliding tackle!


54 min. DANGEROUS! Assale checked reaction of Ter Stegen gently blow from an average distance.

 53 minutes REPLACEMENT AT BARCELONA. The semed replaced Robertoand Suarez came on for Faty.

51 minutes Curling free kick Messi sent the ball into the goalkeeper’s hands.

49 mins Recio inadvertently dealt with Messi on the outskirts of their penalty area.

47 min: Barcelona Continue to play the game.

46 min SUBSTITUTION AT LEGANÉS. Is Mesa the game in the second half will continue Assle.



45 min. the Current time will continue for at least three minutes.

44 min. DANGEROUS! Filed from the right flank to Roberto, and Messi managed to head the ball goalwards from under Awashima. The far post!

43 min. And both ran after the Catalans situational success!

 41 min. ГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГГООООООООООООЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛ! Firpo’s like a tank broke on the left flank of the penalty area, and then successfully took off under attack Faty, who drove the ball low shot inside the far post!

39 min: a corner from the left flank into the penalty area of Leganes ended inaccurate blow to the head from Lingle.

 37 min. of Bustins took on hip leap Messi on the right flank.

36 min. too calmly played a pass in his own penalty Ter Stegen and Pique under pressure from two opponents.

33 min Another throw into the penalty area of Leganes. Fati couldn’t handle the ball at the front in the goalkeeper.

31 mins Went to get a drink of water players, although and +19 in Barcelona.

29 mins TIME! Avsim pushed hard Griezmann in the centre of the penalty area after a cross from the right flank, that the Frenchman was not able to get on target with a header.

26 min Rakitic softly kicked into the penalty area for Griezmann. This pass has finally passed. However, Antoine managed to break after ingestion of the goalkeeper.


24 min Messi earned a free kick on the right flank, and then himself and performed flow into the hands of Cuellar.

22 min. Without a problem playing Madrid, and Barcelona do not particularly seek “to strangle” opponents in their half.

20 min. To Arthur miraculously bounced the ball from left flank to the penalty area, but the Brazilian is not the time sreagiroval, so never went out on strike position.

18 min. Cast of Arthur from the depth of attack into the penalty box towards Griezmann is too strong.

15 min. From Barcelona is not exactly a pass in the end of the attack, making chances in front of goal from the word “quite”.

13 min. TIME! Again Guerrero to the end! To head the ball forward from the right corner of the goal after a cross from the left flank, but missed wide of the far post! Forgive!


11 minutes TIME! The empty goal but knocked the ball Lengle after a counterattack guests! Never returned to Barcelona, and then received an injection in the right flank of defense, and the completion of Guerrero closed the translations on the opposite flank free-kick!

11 minutes Messi on the strength of the filed with a penalty kick in the middle corner of the goal, but the ball flew over the Peak.

10 min. was shot down by a Faty at the corner flag on the left flank of the alien half of the field efforts Awashima.

8 min. Missed the ball during a cross from the right flank into the penalty area for Mesa, but behind him was the only Barcelona player.

6 min. At slow speed there is a meeting. The control of the owners so no one wins.

3 minutes Between his legs sent the ball Fathi on the left flank Awashima, but to move in the penalty area he was interrupted another opponent came to the rescue.

1 minutes Barca began to control the ball in their half.



On Tuesday, the 16th of June will be the fight of the twenty-ninth round of the Spanish La Liga, where the Catalan “Barcelona” will compete against “Getafe”. The match will take place in Barcelona (Spain), at the stadium “camp Nou”, the beginning at 23:00.


After returning to hold official matches, La Liga decided to condense the calendar, in order to be able to squeeze in the recommended UEFA time. Of course, that the players from this will definitely not be easier. For example, the Catalan “Barcelona” and “Madrid” will play in three days after its previous match. “Cucumber” nearly four years ago for the first time rose to the top division of the country, so a large number of matches with the Catalan Grand to spend you haven’t yet. However, one victory in the history of the team, Aguirre has. Here only hardly it will help the penultimate La Liga team in the match against seeking to protect the title of opponent. will text broadcast of the match between “Barcelona” and “Madrid”.


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