Barcelona – Espanyol – 1:0. Text broadcast of the match

The Spanish La Liga. 35-th round.

“Barcelona” – “Espanol” – 1:0

Luis Suarez (56).

The ANS Faty (50) – Paul Lozano (53).

Raul de Thomas (45), David lópez (90+3).

Barcelona: Marc-Andre Ter Stegen – Jordi Alba, Clement Langlais, Gerard Piqué, Nelson Semed (to ANS Fathi, 46), Sergi Roberto – Ivan Rakitic (Araujo da Silva, 90+2), Sergio Busquets – Antoine Griezmann (Arturo Vidal, 71), Luis Suarez (Martin Braithwait, 82), Lionel Messi.
Subs not used: Neto, Ignacio peña, Ronald Federico Araujo da Silva, Jorge Cuenca, Daniel Cabrera, Arturo Vidal, Alex Collado, Ricky Puig, Arthur, Monchi, Martin Braithwait, the ANS Faty.

Espanyol: Diego lópez – Bernardo Espinosa, dídac vilà, Victor Gomez, David Lopez, Fernando Calero (Sergi Darder, 66), Leandro Cabrera – Marc ROCA (Wu lei, 86), Paul Lozano – Adrian of Embarba (Victor Campusano, 74), Raul de Tomas.
Subs Not Used: Oier Olazabal A, Adria Pedrosa, Naldo, Javi López, Sergi Darder, Nicolas Ribaudo, Oscar Melendo, Victor Sanchez, Matias Vargas, Daniel Villahermosa, Victor Campusano, Wu Lei.

Stadium: Camp Nou (Barcelona, Spain).

Referee: José Munuera, Rigger (Spain).

90+6 min: the MATCH is OVER!

 90+3 min David Lopes received a yellow card for talking.

90+2 min Corner of Hispaniola to the right – the ball has been kicked.

 90+2 min. Instead of Rakitic goes da Silva.

90+1 min the Referee compensated for five minutes.

90 mins is Dangerous! De Thomas in the distance punched in a near corner – the goalkeeper in a jump pulls! Guests left corner – the ball has been kicked.

87 min De Thomas shot left the goalkeeper covered the ball.

 86 mins And the substitution of the guests: Wu lei is rocky.

82 min: Suarez changes Braithwait.

81 mins At the moment, the ball possession was 74:26% in favor of the hosts. Often players foul Espanola 6:9.

78 min Break to drink.

77 min Dangerous! Guests left corner off his head and the defender brought the ball out of the gate! The second goal – the ball has been kicked.

 74 mins Campusano was released instead of Ambebi.

74 min: Messi’s free-kick from the right shot wide of the wall but hit the defender.

73 min Vila brought down Messi near the corner of the penalty area.

 71 min: Griezmann changes the Vidal.

69 min Here’s a chance! Messi put the case and struck powerfully with summer in ratari hit the ball!

66 mins Instead Calero came Darder.

65 min… Ohhhh Langlais tried to get the ball and hooked his foot the head of an opponent. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries.

62 mins Nothing interesting happens: Leopard rolls the ball in midfield.

59 min. the Owners continue to possess the ball.

 56 min GOOOOOOOL! Griezmann gave a heel pass, Messi to the touch, but his shot hit the defender. However, the ball rebounded to Suarez, who from inside the penalty area shot past the Keeper!

 53 min After a video replay, the referee again got a red card!

52 min. And Lozano drove to the foot Peak!

 50 min. Until a player Hispaniola assist the referee watched the replay and got a red card!

49 min. Ohhhhh! Faty crashed into Calero and the spikes hit him in the Shin! The arbitrator listens to the hint of videoassistance.


 Instead Semed game will continue Faty.

45+4 minutes of the FIRST HALF is OVER!

45+2 mins a cross from the left flank attack leopards goalkeeper confidently poymal the ball, not allowing a header to Suarez.

 45 min. De Thomas on the flank literally mowed Messi.

44 min. Momentse! Vila shot to the left – the ball hit the defender, the goalkeeper and rebounded to the player hotel. Vila gets in touch in the far corner – ROD saves Barcelona!

41 min. the Overwhelming advantage of the hosts. Espanyol just relying on counterattacks.

38 min. Lot of struggle, but few moments.

35 min. Break for water.

34 min. Two consecutive feeding of the hosts, left – defense coped.

31 min the Hosts took a corner on the left.

29 min. the Owners rolled the ball near the penalty box of the opponent.

26 min left Corner of Barcelona, Pique struck his head – too high.

25 min. is Dangerous! Suarez gets the move from outside the penalty area – a deflection and a corner.

24 mins the ball Possession was 73:27% in favor of Barcelona. Foul often, guests – 1:4.

22 min: Messi’s free-kick from the left punched over the near top corner!

20 min. of Embarba hung from the free kick left – the defender knocked the ball head.

18 min: Messi made a dangerous shot on the left, no one reached for the ball!

16 min. Lozano gets in touch after a pass from left – defender.

15 min Another corner of Barcelona right – the ball has been kicked.

14 min. the Canopy of the hosts on the left – the ball has been kicked. Messi with the corner filed to the right, the Keeper knocked the ball with his fists.

11 min. Espanyol took a corner on the right.

10 mins Time! Embarba escaped from their own half, popped one on one and fired a low goalie leg hit the ball!


9 min Suarez was flagged for offside.

6 min Messi was in an offside position.

4 minutes the Hosts played a corner to the left.

3 min. Bars spazu seized the initiative, but so far no points.


 1 min the MATCH is underway! The hosts in blue and maroon shirts and blue shorts, a white-and-blue shirts and white shorts.

The arrival of Gerard Pique at the camp Nou:

Masters in training:

The stadium ready for the match:


On Wednesday, the 8th July, will meet the 35-th round of the Spanish La Liga where Barcelona will take Espanyol. The fight will take place in Barcelona at the stadium “camp Nou”, the beginning at 23:00 Kyiv time.
The Catalan Derby is always the passions. And especially now when both teams need points desperately. Barcelona has theoretical chances for the title. Espanyol is even more illusive chances of rescue from relegation in Segunda. Most likely, none of the teams will not be able to solve their problems, but the game doesn’t become less stressful!

Our website will have live text commentary of the match Barcelona – Espanyol.


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