Autonomous robot-the Barber trimmed his fearless Creator

Renowned engineer and youtuber Shane Walton, the author of the channel Stuff Made Here, has created a robot Barber. And became its first volunteer client.

The reason that prompted WaitOne to develop such a device was the quarantine and concerns COVID-19. For example, in may in the American Springfield two Barber passed the tests Kovid earlier in the week and managed to serve 139 customers before you know it. Even when the pandemic began to decline, trust in the living person who you were in close contact with hundreds of unknown people frankly uncomfortable. In addition, the quarantine has shown how difficult it is to spend a few months without visiting the hairdresser.

Walton chose to develop a robot from scratch and first of all refused to trim the machine must use scissors, which complicates the task. In addition, he wanted to design the mechanism of the two combs, which would be combed strands, supported them, while the scissors cut, and then cast cut off. But in the end went back to a more simple and reliable variant with a vacuum cleaner – it keeps the hair upright, and immediately removes cut.

The machine uses multiple cameras review and builds a three-dimensional model of the head of his client, on the basis of which determines where and how much to cut off. Positioning mechanism allows it to move around the customer, hold the unit with the scissors to the head from different sides, as does a Barber. Alas, the robot cuts only what is on your mind and has no idea how to get to the hair behind the ears. However, it should be noted that after cutting the hair Shane WaitOne became much neater.

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